5 December 2022 | Szczecin

S2BMRC team participated in the hybrid conference "Scientific Conference: Economy, Management, Environment" hosted by the University of Szczecin to present the projects "CoCreAid Kit 4.0" and "Innovating Digitally".

Graduate assistants Marie Schirrmacher and Carla Droste presented the results of the first milestone of the CoCreAid project together with research associate Katrin Uude. In their presentation entitled "Unlocking the potential of digital co-creation between HEIs, NGOs, and citizens", they explored current success factors, barriers, and requirements to digital co-creation.

About the project "CoCreAid Kit 4.0"

European Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are increasingly engaged in society and therefore play a growing role in regional and social development. As a result of the increasing international cooperation, successful collaboration in the digital sphere is becoming more and more critical. However, to date, the collaboration between HEI and NGOs in the digital sphere has been somewhat neglected, leading to a lack of insights about how to co-create successfully in a digital context.

The CoCreAid Kit 4.0 focuses on overcoming barriers to cooperation arising when HEIs and NGOs co-create digitally. The aim is to increase social impact in participating European countries and beyond. Furthermore, digital competencies will be strengthened among the project partners through practical application. 

The insights gained in milestone 1 are later consolidated into a graphical user interface that serves as an all-in-one user platform for digital co-creation by integrating a knowledge base, existing platforms, and methods.

To keep up to date with the "CoCreAid Kit 4.0 project", visit our website here.

About the project "Innovating Digitally"

The PhD candidate and research associate, Judith Helmer presented the conference paper titled "Teaching Digital Innovation Processes for Services in Higher Education" which was co-authored by Acting Professor Dr. Sue Rossano-Rivero and Thuong Huynh from our research centre. In the conference paper, the researcher team present their recent findings of a study undertaken in the project "Digital Innovation for the Service Sector" which was co-funded by the European Commission.

The main aim of the paper is to fill the gap between current research and practice with regard to innovation processes - more specifically digital innovation and service innovation - and their application in higher education.

If you would like to learn more about the Erasmus+ Strategic Alliances Project "Digital Innovation for the Service Sector", feel free to visit our project website.

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