23 January 2023 | Adelaide

Judith Helmer and Katrin Uude from the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre are conducting a three-month research stay at the Adelaide Business School as part of their cooperative PhDs between the FH Münster University of Applied Sciences and the University of Adelaide.

In her PhD, Judith focuses on the phenomenon of market-shaping. More specifically, she investigates the role of digital technology for shaping markets and how it interacts with other market actors to cause market change or also defend markets against contestants. In her PhD journey, she is supervised by Prof. Carolin Plewa, Dr. Joelle Hawa, and Acting-Prof. Sue Rossano-Rivero. Currently, she is in the second year of her PhD aiming to complete her project in December 2024.

Katrin is researching actor engagement dynamics. Therefore, she is investigating which kind of dynamics occur in engagement processes, such as social innovation processes, and how different actor roles and their ties influence these dynamics. Her PhD is supervised by Prof. Jodie Conduit, Prof. Carolin Plewa, and Acting-Prof. Sue Rossano-Rivero.

During their research stays, both candidates have the opportunity to work closely together with their supervisors to develop their different PhD projects further and to benefit from the academic network of the University of Adelaide. For instance, Prof. Denny Gioia, well-known for his work on qualitative coding, will visit the Business School on 30th of January to 3rd of February, providing workshops and consultation sessions.

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