1 February 2023 | Münster

The project FABLE is coming to an end, and our S2BMRC team member Nelli Scharapow hosted a hybrid multiplier event to spread the project results, including the open resources. The consortium from 5 European countries found needs and expectations in online learning, worked on blended learning approaches and created an online learning platform to train faculty on blended learning.

Additionally, a voice was given to the Wandelwerk, represented by Jonas Lilienthal, who could reflect on current discussions on the topic from their perspective. Due to the diverse group, including not only the administrative side but also professors and students, the project's final event gave the opportunity to exchange different experiences.

Thank you to all the participants for the fruitful discussion from different interesting perspectives on blended learning. We hope everyone benefits from the talk and gets inspired in their own way. Let's see what the future will bring to our courses! 

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