25-27 April 2023 | Barcelona

Yes - human towers, a fascinating Catalan tradition, where different generations are building a tower together. The values it represents are teamwork, integration, social cohesion, solidarity, equity, friendship and many more.

Exactly those are representing well the project Value and Future, for which our team member Nelli Scharapow went to Spain for a transnational project meeting and multiplier event.

After a great learning and practice of Castellers (the human towers), the project team had a great impactful event. A full day of inspiration, learning and ethics.

The team presented the project results and showed teachers how it is possible to integrate the topics into their courses. A great discussion with the audience about values and ethics occurred. Entrepreneurs and company representatives could integrate themselves and present how the concepts are lived within their organisations. Moreover, the team could gain insights from a hub, they visited and get in touch with different dilemmas in the real world.  

In the afternoon, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, company representatives, and politicians came together to discuss and find solutions for a real ethical dilemma case in a world café setting.

It was a successful event day with a lot of new impressions and inspiration.

Besides the event, the team also had one day for their final project meeting in the last phase of the project. With great teamwork, the last preparations and arrangements could be clarified. They also had the chance to visit a non-profit organisation and discussed their ethical dilemmas and possible solutions.

All in all, it was really inspiring and impactful and it was nice to meet in person.

Thank you, Lorena and Quim from Escola Pia (Santa Anna-Mataró) for being great hosts and to the other partners for the collaboration.

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