9-11 May 2023 | Budapest

The Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre team participated in the University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) Conference 2023 in Budapest, Hungary. The UIIN Conference is the largest global event dedicated to university-industry interaction, entrepreneurial and engaged universities and the future of higher education.

Thomas Baaken's presentation "Lessons learned from 20 years of Boundary Spanning in Science Marketing"

In the 20 years since starting the Science Marketing Centre, many different challenges had to be overcome. The presentation showed inspiring solutions, such as the unique and successful business model of an entrepreneurial scientific research institute, the special approach in identifying, recruiting and onboarding the most promising talents and scientists, and their proactive development into seasoned scientists including the personnel portfolio regarding diversity (nationality, culture, gender, age and life phases) but also cross-disciplinarity and different roles and tasks in the team. As a third key success factor, the regional, national and international partnership strategy was elaborated.

Dr Sue Rossano-Rivero presented at the UIIN Business Group session

UIIN Business Group session is a distinguished group conformed of directors and representatives from renown innovation-driven companies like Siemens, ASML, Sony, Raytheon Technologies, Infineon, ZEISS, to name a few.

The session focused on "exploring different formats and ways to implement expert exchange and dual careers beyond PhD programs between Universities and Business".

Elina Isakova presented research insights of the first project result RestART Europe

RestART Europe aims to bring together restarting women entrepreneurs and potential mentors in the arts and creative industries to improve the quality of mentoring and generate a positive impact for both restarting women entrepreneurs, and the arts and creative industries.

Katrin Uude presented the CoCreAid project

The potential of digital co-creation between Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), NGOs and Citizens - is the aim CoCreAid Kit 4.0, an Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships in Higher Education project.

To find out how HEIs can co-create successfully with NGOs in a digital sphere the researcher conducted desk research and 80 qualitative interviews with experts in digital co-creation. The key insights about success factors, barriers, and requirements were summarized and visualized on a poster, which was presented at the UIIN Conference 2023.

Dominik Lappenküper presented research insights of the Erasmus+ project DigitalSocialImpact

The project digital social impact - education for the future tackles challenges Higher Education Institution (HEI) lecturers face in embedding social impact opportunities in their teaching and learning activities. Based on the research insights, the project created a digital configurator that enables lecturers to integrate or develop social impact elements into their teaching. Beyond this, the configured courses enable students to get involved in an actual societal challenge beyond online lectures, thereby fostering students' entrepreneurial and social thinking and acting.

Thank you to the hosters for a great event. We are looking forward to the next year!
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