16 May 2023 | Münster

The winners of the "MARKETING AWARD 2023" were selected during a public event of the Marketing Club Münster/Osnabrück, moderated by Tom Schult, Vice President of the Marketing Club.

Exceptional and new marketing concepts and their implementation are selected to be successful with changing markets.

The winning concepts and ideas exemplify successful entrepreneurship in the Münster/Osnabrück region. "We are very impressed by the strong concepts that were driven forward with great conviction and courageous entrepreneurial decisions. This shows what potential there is in the region and in the marketing departments," reported Tom Schult.

Jury member Professor Thomas Baaken from Münster University of Applied Sciences congratulated: "Congratulations to both winners, they have developed convincing concepts and demonstrably implemented them successfully."

The award winners:

The winner of the 2023 Marketing Award is the FINNE Brewery in Münster.

Dr. Florian Böckermann, Managing Director, Laura Krohs, Marketing & Event Management, and Sascha Schlemermeyer, Sales Management, present the concept. A FINNE beer orders the Münsteraner on Masematte, the secret language of Münster, if he wants a bottle or glass of beer picheln (drink). FINNE is a modern, young beer brand that produces high-quality beers for Münster and the Münsterland region based on the three central pillars of creativity, regionality and sustainability. Through a holistic, identity-oriented brand management approach, FINNE manages to achieve high reach with low financial resources.

The jury praised the sound concept and the well-founded approach - which stems from marketing theory and has been consistently implemented: An original brand with clear target groups and products. The brand's tonality runs through from the selection of ingredients to delivery: always likeable and down-to-earth.

In his laudatory speech, Professor Manfred Krafft also once again highlighted the brewery's consistent identity orientation in brand management and its convincing partnership strategy.

Special Culture Award: Theater Münster

The jury quickly agreed that Theater Münster's entry in the competition was particularly worthy of an award, but could not really be compared with the other entries. Art and drama is positioned differently and has a special character. Dr. Katharina Kost-Tolmein, recently appointed Intendant and Artistic Director of the theater, and Remsi Al Khalisi, the new acting director at Theater Münster, presented the new concept and were able to come up with significant successes. The laudation was held by the chairman of the Society of Friends of Music and Theater of Münster and the Münsterland e.V. Dr. Wolfgang Weikert. He impressively highlighted the special features of the theater's new direction and praised its high level of professionalism and the courage of the new management. Both the director and the laudator emphasized that this marketing award will give new impetus to the initiatives.

The criteria that were applied were

  • Originality and uniqueness,
  • Effectiveness/impact and success,
  • Regionality and anchoring,
  • Strategy and concept quality,

and in the second step the

  • Presentation to the jury and
  • reaction to questions and comments.

The jury:

  • Dr. Thomas Baaken
  • Felix Baxter
  • Philomena Brinkbäumer
  • Christina Fiege
  • Kristin Große-Bölting
  • Sarah Nagel
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