2 April 2019 | Steinfurt

Under the philosophy Together we accomplish more! the female academic entrepreneurs at the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre (S2BMRC), have developed a new concept on women entrepreneurship education - "Discover the entrepreneur in you".

20 Female Students and 3 real women entrepreneurs interested in Entrepreneurship assisted to the Workshop Series "Discover the Entrepreneur in you!" (Source: FH Münster / Pressestelle)

Dr Sue Rossano-Rivero, Junior professor for Entrepreneurship at FH Münster, Prof. Dr Ingrid Wakkee, Professor for Entrepreneurship at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and close collaborator from the S2BMRC and Dipl. -Kauffrau.  Friederike von Hagen, senior marketing researcher and consultant at S2BMRC have developed this concept based on research carried on the benefits of networks for entrepreneurship as well as the benefits of University-Business Cooperation for education. This educational approach has two main distinctive components: 1) It uses a networking approach to entrepreneurship, teaching female students the importance of knowing your network and using it, and 2) the presence of real female entrepreneurs in the region sharing their motivations and experiences on entrepreneurship and networking.

Last Tuesday (April 2) 20 female students and 3 women entrepreneurs took part in the first session of the workshop series - "Discover the Entrepreneur in You" at Steinfurt within the framework of two major projects at the FH Münster: "Innovationslabor Münsterland" and "Women Entrepreneurs in STEM - WISE). Claudia Umanzor, researcher at the S2BMRC and director of the project WISE says: "WISE has been developed with a clear goal: to increase the number of female entrepreneurs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through Regional Business Alliances for knowledge-exchange and placements and by raising the quality of the training they receive in entrepreneurship, this teaching concept is exactly what we need to spread, not only in Germany but around the world".

Students and entrepreneurs at the workshop on GRIPS III Steinfurt (Source: S2BMRC)

The three Female Entrepreneurs shared their passion and experience with the students. Tamara Ameling, founder of "Ameling bewegt" said: "Entrepreneurship is the best way to develop your personality". Nina Jonker-Völker presented many ideas and activities, ranging from being Head of Marketing of a software company in Münster to a car sharing platform and a yoga website for expectant mothers. Meike Früchtenicht presented her path, which led her through many international stations to the "Auenhof Hembergen", where she now accompanies people on their way to find their own passion in life.

On April 9, everything will revolve around the topic "Network mechanisms for exploiting entrepreneurial opportunities", and on June 11, pitching skills will be on the agenda. Both events will take place in Münster at the FHZ.

Coaches and developers of the concept (in the back from left to right) Dr Sue Rossano-Rivero, Prof. Dr Ingrid Wakkee and Dipl. -Kauffr. Friederike von Hagen with Sally Friedrich, Director of the project "Innovationslabor Münsterland"

About "WISE"

The WISE Project has 6 partners from 4 countries: ECWT - an EU-wide network of Women in STEM, (based in Norway), a local government authority (Leitrim Local Enterprise Office, Ireland), Irish & UK VET organizations specialising in entrepreneurship curriculum development and social inclusion (OEC & MMS), a UK specialist e-learning company (CCL, UK) and Münster University of Applied Sciences in Germany (FH Münster). 

About "Innovationslabor Münsterland"

It is a joint project of FH Münster, WWU/Arbeitsstelle Forschungstransfer, Technologieförderung Münster GmbH and Wirtschafts- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft Steinfurt mbH. It is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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