22 May 2019 | Münster/Medellín
The Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre due to its uniqueness in the World received the visit of Jorge D'Alleman, Dean of the School of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (UPB) located in Medellín, Colombia.
Dean D'Alleman visited S2BMRC with the purpose of onboarding tools and approaches and how University-Business Collaborations work in the European and Overseas context. Also, the visitor was interested in the business model of how the Centre is managed and kept sustainable.

Prof. Dr. habil. Thomas Baaken, Managing Director of the S2BMRC, and Claudia Graciela Umanzor Zelaya M.Sc. presented the Centre and also tackled some solutions for Latin American Universities; he also especially pointed out for the 3 books, published by the Centre:

  • Baaken, Thomas; Rossano, Sue (2016): Entrepreneurship in Latin America, Science-to-Business Marketing, Münster (ISBN: 978-3-938137-83-3)
  • Badillo-Vega, Rosalba; Galán-Muros, Victoria; Raesfeld, Lydia; Baaken, Thomas; Rossano-Rivero, Sue; Villarreal-Castro, Milton (2015): Change to Success - Case Studies of Latin American Universities on solutions for promoting innovation in knowledge and technology transfer, Waxmann, Münster/New York. (ISBN-print: 978-3-8309-3319-9 ; ISBN-eBook: 978-3-8309-3319-4)
  • Badillo Vega, Rosalba; Raesfeld, Lydia; Villalvazo Naranjo, Juan; Baaken, Thomas (2011): La vinculación de las instituciones de educación superior con su entorno económico en el contexto internacional Alemania, Centroamérica y México, Pachuca, Mex. (ISBN 978-607-482)

Dean D'Alleman is visiting Germany to celebrate 20 years of the CALA program, we wish him a fruitful stay in Germany; may we keep collaborating for many years more!

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