30 August 2018 | Münster

During the past two weeks, Carlos Abello and Claudio Torres from the Technology Transfer Office of Universidad Santiago de Chile (USACH) visited Münster University of Applied Sciences (MUAS) and the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre (S2BMRC, www.science-marketing.com). This visit is part of the Professional Development Program (PDP, https://www.fh-muenster.de/pdp), a program offered by MUAS to universities interested in developing their entrepreneurial and innovative profile.

MUAS and S2BMRC have been supporting USACH since January 2017 in exploring and designing ways to improve university-business collaborations, academic and student entrepreneurship and technology transfer models. 

In this occasion, S2BMRC hosted the visitors and included them as active participants in team meetings and activities such as a project development workshop, the development of new innovative initiatives and designing of student semester projects. Complementing this, MUAS supported technology transfer model design and organizational change management through visits to labs, management staff and individual meetings with experts.

The visit included learning from our partners and reference cases such as Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Amsterdam Science Park and University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) in Amsterdam. With that input, the visitors got in contact with innovative practices on how to drive entrepreneurship in an interdisciplinary way, how to develop a supportive ecosystem and how to assess and develop an entrepreneurial and engaged organisation.  

The PDP represents also a linkage mechanism that allow us, the MUAS and S2BMRC, to strengthen our links with Latin-American universities and learn from different contexts and cultures that influence the development of entrepreneurial and engaged universities.

We would like to extend the invitation to explore the entrepreneurial profile to other universities and work together in their developmental journey.

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