11 July 2019 | Münster

Our Germany-wide study "Managing Disruptive Change" (MaDiC) aimed to identify which management principles and capabilities are needed so that both established companies and start-ups can use the opportunities of disruptive innovations to be successful in the future. The MaDiC project team has evaluated about 200 online questionnaires in the past months and was able to derive 5 management principles, which are of considerable importance for a successful handling in the context of disruptive innovations.

The research results will now be made available to study participants, project partners and other interested parties in the form of a white paper. At the scientific level, the results are continuously presented at international research conferences and published in relevant journals.

5 Management principles for disruptive times:

  1. Dynamic capabilities (in particular the ability to perceive changes in the market) combined with the skills to build on business model innovations.
  2. A high degree of digitisation within the company.
  3. A proactive strategy focused on trends and novelties rather than pure efficiency.
  4. Building up and promoting employees who, through autonomous thinking and acting, acquire sovereignty over their activities and decisions.
  5. Serious support of change by top management.


Practical recommendations:

  • It is necessary to apply the five identified principles reflected to one's own company in order to successfully overcome the innovator's dilemma. Finally, an "entrepreneurial ambidexterity" must be developed which combines the exploration of new opportunities with the exploitation of successful business models.
  • See disruptive innovations as an opportunity to change your own company and help shape the future.
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