21 January 2019 | Guadalajara

We invite you to participate in a RIESAL webinar! The theme this time is: "Results of the 1st Regional Survey on trends in the internationalization of higher education carried out by the OBIRET UNESCO-IESALC"

Internationalization is one of the main trends in tertiary education in the world, since it transforms it to respond to the demands of a global, multicultural and highly competitive society. In the case of Latin America and the Caribbean, internationalization has faced the systematic lack of information about its implementation process. The results of the "1st Regional Survey on Trends in Internationalization in Tertiary Education in Latin America and the Caribbean," presented in this webinar, respond to this need by offering a regional overview that identifies trends, strengths, risks, obstacles and limitations of internationalization in the area.

The webinar will be taught in Spanish on Thursday, January 24 at 11:00 hrs. (time of Mexico City) and is in charge of Dr. Jocelyne Gacel-Ávila, Professor-researcher at the University of Guadalajara, General Coordinator of the UNESCO Regional Observatory on Internationalization and Networks of Tertiary Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (OBIRET), and the Regional Network for the Promotion of the Internationalization of Higher Education in Latin America / Erasmus + (RIESAL).

It is a free webinar, has a limited number of participants and requires prior registration at the link below. The instructions to connect will be sent after registration.

If you have any questions please see below the link for more information, or send an e-mail to: riesal.erasmusgmailcom

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