11 September 2018 | Dublin

Alexander Schmidt and Carina Alfert presented their latest research note at the 19th International CiNet Conference in Dublin, Ireland. The research note was written by the Alexander Lennart Schmidt, Carina Alfert, Neele Petzold & Christian Junker (all team members of S2BMRC) and outlines the research design as well as the analytical approach for the ongoing quantitative research phase within the project "Managing disruptive change".

As previous research highlights, frequently corporate ventures are the fertile ground for potential disruptive innovations. Thus, the researchers argue to further investigate what capabilities and activities within corporate ventures are needed to increase the probability of innovating in a disruptive sense.

A research design for a quantitative online survey was presented and valuable feedback from the innovation community could be collected. The project team will now further refine the research design and incorporate the suggestions from the CINet community.

Currently, the project team collects survey data from >400 respondents across industries. If you want to participate and get an individual report about your organization's ability to manage disruptive innovations, please contact us!

For more information and to access the entire research note please check the project website or its researchgate in the following links:

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