1.8.2019 | Münster

S2BMRC have conducted a project for PwC PriceWaterhouseCoopers to investigate start-ups in various "hubs" in Europe with regard to their assessment of these very locations. Which hubs are particularly good and successful and why.

Now we as S2BMRC located in Münster have asked the same questions independently to start-ups in Münster, simply to see the situation of Münster in comparison to the investigated hubs. Well, it's maybe not quite fair to create a benchmark with the Capital Cities in Europe; but better than nothing

Baaken's team interviewed 30 startups in Münster; the Münster survey is embedded in a global study conducted by the Institute, in which the scientists asked 30 founders in each of 17 large cities about their satisfaction. All respondents had to fulfil two preconditions: They had to implement their business idea only after 2010 and could demonstrate a so-called knowledge-based start-up.

"Of course, Münster's comparison with metropolises such as Tel Aviv, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Brussels or London is not quite louder," says Baaken. Nonetheless, the study delivers a result "… and there is room for improvement." Especially since every fifth start-up is considering leaving Münster.

  • Münster underperformed in comparison to the others; but in direct comparison to the "hype hubs" it does not perform so badly at every point, there are also areas where Münster are particularly good (e.g. economic support). Münster's image could be better, even with its own start-ups.
  • Münster is on a good way to increase the momentum.

Of course, there are also very positive elements in Münster from the startup point of view. The proximity to universities and research institutions, access to start-up networks and jobs in a creative environment were rated positively.

"In the meantime, a lot is happening in the area of funding," says Baaken. Be it at the universities, in the Digital Hub Münsterland in Münster, the Venture Club, the Innovation Laboratory Münsterland and the information centres at IHK and Münsterland e.V. and especially the new Exzellenz Start-up Center.NRW will push the momentum. And the business community is also increasingly cooperating with start-ups, promoting or financing smart ideas and integrating founders into its own structures.

Also in May 2020 the S2BMRC will launch its 18 conference together with HTSF conference on ""The path to excellence in entrepreneurship" - Subtheme: "The art and science of female, academic, rural, social, and digital, disruptive entrepreneurship" - more details will be posted soon.

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