22 May 2019 | Ahaus

At Tobit.Campus a group of 16 international bachelor students experienced how digitalisation can be put into practice and how it is transforming our daily business life.

There were many possibilities to experience digitisation live, these include new concepts for (e)mobility, digital booking, ordering and payment options for gastronomy and a fully digital hotel.

"It was a great experience to see how especially SMEs can face today's challenges of digitalisation and to get some real business insights. Often the technical solutions are already there but it is hard to bring them to the market", stated one of the Finnish students.

The excursion is part of the new courses "Innovative & Digital Business Models" and "SME Innovation" held by Dr Christian Junker and Dr Kerstin Kurzhals where the students learn about how innovation and digitalisation are affecting especially small and medium-sized companies. They understand more about new technological trends and how they affect current business models. The group also experienced that digital innovation takes place at "hidden champions" next door and not only at the famous hot spots worldwide.

Many thanks to Tobit.Software for inviting us and giving us this great opportunity to learn from practice!
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