12 October 2018 | Münster

40 global experts in their field provide their thoughts, visions and ideas on the future of the university. This must-read compendium on the future of the university has been launched by UIIN (a spin-off of S2BMRC) and S2BMRC together with Siemens and supported by the European Commission.


How are trends affecting Universities? The Thoughtbook provides diverse, thought-provoking vision of the university ranging from a fight for survival to an expanding and thriving influence on society. Collating together diverse voices and narratives, FUT_ sketches out the future roles of universities, as well as their relevance and position within the wider ecosystem of knowledge and innovation production. In doing so, a wide palette of university future scenarios comes to light.


The book provides illuminating insights from global experts including leaders from business, higher education sector, science, policy agencies, and governments. Owing to their expertise and positions the contributions have been able to provide a thought-provoking 360-degree review of universities and how they could potentially impact our societies into the future.


The 40 visions are divided into 6 thematic sections - Disrupting Teaching and Learning, Collision of Technology and Humanity, Future of Science and Academic World, Socially-Engaged Universities, University-Business Cooperation and Institutional Change. With different foci, each of them contributes to creating insightful fora for further dialogue on how universities would shape the future by 2040.

"We need to understand that in a world of rapid evolution and change, the legislation concerning higher education cannot be too restrictive: flexibility needs to be a built-in feature of universities."

- Ms Sanni Grahn-Laasonen, Minister of Education, Finland


"Much more important than which jobs will disappear or how many alternative jobs will emerge as a result of digitalization, such as robotisation and artificial intelligence, is the question of the changes in the tasks of professionals, even the more stable ones."

- Dirk Van Damme, Head of Division, Directorate for Education & Skills, OECD


Todd Davey, Arno Meerman, Balzhan Orazbayeva, Max Riedel,

Victoria Galán-Muros, Carolin Plewa, Natascha Eckert

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