6 June 2019 | Münster

The researchers from our S2BMRC Team, Prof. Dr Thorsten Kliewe and Eva Sormani, MSc., were invited by Augenoptiker- und Optometristenverband NRW to give a presentation about nudging and its application in the field of marketing. The presentation, which took place at the Mövenpick Hotel Münster, was attended by 60 optometrists.

Nudging is one of the research topics studied in our centre. We aim to get an in-depth understanding of principles and underlying mechanisms. Nevertheless, transferring this knowledge and making it applicable is at least as important. Being invited to a practitioners' event to share our knowledge with a wider audience is a great opportunity to give context and meaning to our research.

The power of an interesting and exciting topic was emphasized by the fact that Eva was willing to spend the evening of her birthday sharing her enthusiasm and knowledge about nudge.

During the presentation the audience was engaged, answering questions and giving suggestion in the interactive part of the presentation. Moreover, our presenters were challenged by questions from the audience at the end. The event was concluded with an informal discussion in the lounge area of the Mövenpick Hotel.

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