What is changing?

Up to and including the winter semester 21/22, you had to submit a paper document from the health insurance company to enrol at a university. In the future, this "document" will be made available to the universities digitally by the health insurance company.

As a student applicant, please ask your chosen German statutory health insurance provider for the

Report reason M10 for Münster University of Applied Sciences, Hüfferstr. 27 (sender number: H0001824).

The insurance card or a written membership certificate are not sufficient. Without the digital confirmation of your health insurance, you cannot be enrolled.

Please always inform the health insurance company of the FH Münster sender number. With the help of the sender number, the health insurance company can clearly assign the notification.


What do I need to do?

In order to be able to enrol at FH Münster - Münster University of Applied Sciences, proof of insurance status must be provided by the beginning of the semester at the latest.


If you are covered by family insurance or compulsory student insurance,

  • request your health insurance company to report your insurance status to us via the report reason M10 for FH Münster, Hüfferstr. 27 (H0001824).

    If you change health insurance companies, also request the insurance company to report the status to us.


If you are privately insured or insured through your parents under the law on benefits or private family insurance,

  • Contact a German statutory health insurance company to be exempted from the obligation to pay contributions. Ask them to report your insurance status to us via the report reason M10 for the FH Münster, Hüfferstr. 27 (H0001824). For this purpose, submit proof of your private health insurance.

    The exemption from compulsory health insurance is generally valid for the entire duration of your studies and can only be applied for at the beginning of your studies.
    The only exception: If you are not enrolled at a university for at least four weeks after your Bachelor's degree until the start of your Master's degree, you can make a new decision and ggf. switch to a statutory health insurance fund.


If you are insured through the Freie Heilfürsorge,

  • contact a German statutory health insurance company to be exempted from compulsory insurance. Also ask them to report your insurance status to us via the report reason M10 for FH Münster, Hüfferstr. 27 (H0001824). For this purpose, submit the proof of free medical care.


Types of insurance: Statutory or private insurance?

For your enrolment and throughout your studies at Münster University of Applied Sciences you need a valid health insurance. Compulsory insurance for students ends when you complete your studies or finish your 14th semester, but no later than the semester in which you turn 30. However, you must always be insured in a statutory health insurance scheme until you turn 30 or finish your 14th semester. You should only take out private insurance in exceptional cases. Here it is important to know that you can then no longer switch to a statutory health insurance fund for the duration of your studies. In this case, you must contact a statutory health insurance company and apply there for your exemption from the statutory health insurance obligation.


The following possibilities exist:

  • Family insurance: Up to the age of 25 or if you are married, you can remain insured as a family member, provided you do not exceed a certain income limit.
  • Statutory health insurance up to 30 years: If you do not belong to the first group and do not pursue employment or self-employment for more than 20 hours per week during the lecture period, you must take out compulsory student health insurance. You can choose the health insurance company yourself - the student rate is roughly the same with every provider.
  • Compulsory health insurance from the age of 30: Students over 30 no longer receive a student rate. They can continue to insure themselves voluntarily at the regular rate.
  • Private health insurance: You can take out private insurance bzw. via your parents under the law on benefits or private family insurance.
  • Free Military Welfare: If you were a professional soldier, you will generally remain insured under the Free Military Welfare Scheme for two years after the end of your period of service.


Information for international students

Generally speaking, you must have health insurance to be able to study in Germany.

  • Germany has concluded social security agreements with some countries, including the member states of the European Union and the European Economic Area. If you come from one of these countries and have statutory health insurance there, you can have this insurance cover recognised in Germany by a statutory health insurance fund. As a rule, you need a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for this. You can apply for the EHIC free of charge from your health insurance provider. Please contact a German statutory health insurance company when you enrol and show them the EHIC. Ask health insurance companies to report your insurance status to us via the report reason M10 FH Münster, Hüfferstr. 27 (H0001824).
  • If you cannot fall back on a health insurance fund in your home country, you must insure yourself in Germany. Please take out German health insurance immediately before or after your entry into Germany. There are two types of health insurance in Germany: statutory and private. Please refer to the section above for information on the types of insurance.
  • If you exceed the age of 30 or the 14th semester of study during your study period in Germany, you can continue to be insured in the statutory insurance with a higher contribution. If you are already older than 29 when you start your studies, you can only take out private insurance.
  • A Travel Health Insurance does not provide sufficient health insurance cover for the duration of your studies in Germany and is not accepted as proof of insurance. Travel health insurance is only valid for your visa and your entry into Germany as long as the semester has not yet started.
  • Participants in study-preparatory language courses are not regular students in the sense of health insurance law, even if they are enrolled at a German university. They are therefore not compulsorily insured. As a rule, they also do not fulfil the requirements for voluntary insurance in the statutory health insurance. If you attend a study-preparatory language course, only private health insurance comes into consideration for you.


Reporting obligations for health insurance funds and universities

In accordance with § 199a SGB V, Münster University of Applied Sciences and the health insurance funds have corresponding mutual reporting obligations in order to properly check, determine and implement health insurance for students.

This concerns the reports of the health insurance funds to the FH Münster about:

  • M10: Insurance status of students
  • M11: Start of insurance in case of a change of health insurance
  • M12: Delay in payment of health insurance contributions => automatically blocks re-registration at Münster University of Applied Sciences
  • M13: Settlement of arrears in contributions by the student => automatically releases the re-registration block at Münster UAS

as well as reports by Münster University of Applied Sciences to the health insurance funds via:

  • M20: Start of studies and the day of enrolment at Münster UAS
  • M30: End of studies - end of the semester in which or with effect from the end of which the students were exmatriculated as well as end of the semester immediately preceding the commencement of doctoral studies

In future, these notifications will be exchanged in a purely electronic notification procedure.

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