What is BAföG?

BAföG stands for Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz (Federal Education and Training Assistance Act). It is the legal basis for providing educational grants. The term refers to a monthly payment that is intended to help students finance their education.

However, the money is not provided as a gift. Only half of the BAföG amount is paid as a subsidy; the other half is an interest-free loan that has to be repaid after graduation.

Who is eligible for BAföG?

In principle, all students have a legal entitlement to BAföG.

However, two main conditions must be met in order to gain support:

Conditions for receiving BAföG

  1. The intended course must be considered eligible for funding according to the Federal Education and Training Assistance Act (BAföG).
  2. The so-called personal requirements must be met (nationality, aptitude, age and income situation).

It is advisable to complete your application for BAföG as soon as you have enrolled.

In accordance with the law on support for education and training (BAföG), all students have a legal claim to support for education and training.

The conditions that govern this law state that two requirements in particular must be fulfilled to become eligible for support: the prospective training must be deemed eligible for support in accordance with BAföG. Furthermore, so-called personal requirements must be met, such as nationality, aptitude, age and earning capacity.

Applications for BAföG can only be submitted once you have enrolled at an HEI. Since it takes a few weeks for applications to be processed, it is advisable to submit your application immediately after enrolment, in order to receive support from the very beginning. To gain maximum funding, your application should be submitted by the end of the month in which you start studying, at the latest. BAföG cannot be granted retroactively, only from the month in which you applied for funding.

Half of the BAföG amount is paid out as an interest-free loan; the other half as a subsidy.

The Education Assistance Office, from which forms can be obtained, is responsible for processing BAföG applications.

BAföG calculator and information

The BAföG calculator provides a rough idea of how much BAföG you can expect to receive. The latest information about education and training assistance is available at bafö

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