The housing market in Münster is unfortunately particularly tight, especially at the beginning of the winter semester. Therefore, please start looking for your new apartment/room as early and broadly as possible!

Housing Options in Münster - the "Studierzimmer Münster" campaign

Affordable housing in Münster is often a difficult topic. For this reason, the city, the Studierendenwerk, the WWU, the FH and its student representatives, and also the Episcopal Student Union and the Protestant Student Community joined forces in the "Student Housing" working group back in 2012.

On the website "Studierzimmer Münster" and in the brochure "Zimmer-Service" we have compiled all the important contacts and options from student housing to "Housing for Help". In addition, there are many tips and information for the search for housing in Münster.

Studierendenwerk Münster (Münster Student Support Services)

The Studierendenwerk offers affordable housing options. The offer ranges from small single apartments to 5-person shared apartments in various parts of Münster.

Since a waiting period of 2-36 months (depending on the housing complex) must be expected, you should apply as early as possible. This can be done even before you have been accepted for a place at university.

You can also advertise apartments at the Studierendenwerk's housing exchange. Here you can also find offers for interim rent.

Episcopal Student Union Münster and other institutions

The Episcopal Student Union also manages numerous dormitories that are open to students of all denominations. Here, as in the dormitories mentioned below, much emphasis is placed on community life. Early application is recommended!

The Protestant Church runs the (ecumenical) Volkeningheim.

Other privately run dormitories (ecclesiastical, foundations, associations, etc.) are the Albertus Magnus-Kolleg and Albertus Magnus-Familienwohnheim, the Bildungszentrum Widenberg, the Paulus-Kolleg and the Von Detten-Kolleg.

  • Episcopal Student Union:
  • Volkeningheim:
  • Von Detten-Kolleg:
  • Albertus Magnus-Kolleg and Albertus Magnus-Family Home:
  • Paulus-Kolleg:
  • Widenberg Educational Center:

Students' Union Executive Committee housing exchange at the University of Münster (WWU) / "Das Brett"

From students for students: The AStA's housing exchange not only offers numerous tips and information on finding a place to live, but also offers for rent!

In addition to long-term offers, there is also the category "Deine Couch für Erstis" (Your couch for first-year students), for short-term, unbureaucratic accommodation. This is ideal for first-year students who are still looking for accommodation.

The housing exchange can be used by all students in Münster.

Accommodation in exchange for help

An alternative to a student dormitory or a room in a shared apartment can be the provision of housing through the "Wohnen für Hilfe" (Accomodation for Help) project. Münster citizens (mostly seniors) with sufficient living space offer a room or apartment in their apartment or house in exchange for help in the house and garden.

Living in the outskirts of Münster

When things get tight in Münster's city center, it sometimes helps to look for housing in the outskirts of Münster, e.g. Handorf, Wolbeck, Nienberge, Hiltrup and in the surrounding areas.

With your semester ticket, you'll be able to get to anywhere in the Münsterland quickly by bus or train - and the slightly longer journey to university will be compensated by less rent and the pleasure of living in the countryside.

Accommodation in the outskirts and surroundings of Münster :

Altenberge Ascheberg
Drensteinfurt Everswinkel
Greven Havixbeck
Nottuln Ostbevern
Senden Sendenhorst
Steinfurt Telgte

Newspaper ads

In addition to local daily newspapers (e.g. "Westfälische Nachrichten"), the "na dann" is of particular interest in Münster for apartment hunting. The weekly magazine is free of charge and is available in many places such as libraries, cafeterias, pubs, cinemas, copy stores and bookstores. All housing offers and the possibility of placing your own want ads are also available online.

Further links

Apartment offers can also be found via various portals on the Internet. For the search for WG places there is for example "WG gesucht". Attention! The conditions for using these portals vary, and some are not even free of charge for tenants. Please find out exactly beforehand!

When nothing works at all: Emergency shelters

Sometimes you don't find the right place in time for the beginning of the semester and the first events start without having a place to stay. In this case, in addition to the "Deine Couch für Erstis" (Your couch for first-year students) campaign (which can be found in the AStA's housing exchange - see above), there are also the Studierendenwerk's emergency accommodations, which offer a roof over your head at least for a while.
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