The "Studierzimmer Münster" campaign

It's often difficult to find inexpensive housing in Münster. The "Student Housing Work Group" may be able to help. Those with available accommodation can offer it here - and house hunters may be able to find exactly what they're looking for. The website also provides lots of advice and information about house hunting in Münster.

The joint initiative run by Münster University of Applied Sciences, the University of Münster, Münster Student Support Services, student representation bodies and the City of Münster is directed at students and non-students alike.

Münster Student Support Services

Münster Student Support Services offers affordable housing. The options range from small single apartments to shared apartments for five students located in various districts of Münster.

Since the waiting times for such housing range from 2 to 36 months (depending on the housing complex), you should apply as early as possible, ideally before securing a place at Münster University of Applied Sciences.

Münster Student Support Services also runs an exchange where housing can be offered and found. It also contains temporary rental options.

Students' Union Executive Committee housing exchange at the University of Münster (WWU) / "Das Brett"

Run by students for students: "Das Brett" housing exchange offers not only lots of advice and information about house hunting, but also a housing exchange. In addition to longer-term offers, you'll also find the category "Couch for freshers" for short-term overnight stays without any red tape. Ideal for newcomers.

Accommodation in exchange for help

The housing exchange in the project "Accommodation in exchange for help" may be an alternative to taking a room in a student residence or shared apartment. (Senior) citizens living in Münster with ample living space offer a room or apartment in their house to a student in exchange for receiving help in the home and garden.

Contact persons:
Ursula and Erwin Stroot

Seniorentreff Hansahof e.V.
Aegidiistraße 67
48149 Münster

Tel. +49 (0) 251 54617
(Messages spoken on the answerphone will be played back during consultation hours)


Living in the catchment area

When housing becomes scarce in central Münster, it sometimes helps to search for accommodation in the suburbs of Münster, e.g. Handorf, Wolbeck, Nienberge, Hiltrup and in the catchment area.

With your semester ticket, you'll be able to get to anywhere in the Münsterland quickly by bus or train - and the slightly longer journey to university will be compensated by less rent and the pleasure of living in the countryside.

Accommodation in the Münster catchment area:

Altenberge Ascheberg
Drensteinfurt Everswinkel
Greven Havixbeck
Nottuln Ostbevern
Senden Sendenhorst
Steinfurt Telgte

Newspaper ads

In addition to the local daily newspapers, "na dann" magazine is particularly useful when house hunting. The free weekly magazine can be found in many places such as canteens, pubs and bookshops. It can also be obtained on Wednesdays from around 12:00 from the photocopy shops at Breite Gasse 1 and Coerdestraße 42.

All accommodation offers are also available online, as well as the possibility to place an ad yourself.

Further links

Offers of accommodation can also be found on a number of web portals. Examples of portals offering rooms in shared apartments include:

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