Student grants - always the first choice!

A student grant (BAFöG) should always be the first choice when it comes to financing your studies, unless you have sufficient resources of your own or your parents can cover your costs.

Important: Students with a disability or a chronic or mental illness receive the same amount of support as all other beneficiaries.

Nonetheless, the needs of students with a disability are considered in a number of special provisions in the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAFöG), such as

  • the duration of the study programme
  • the age limit for receiving a student grant
  • changing courses, if necessary.

The Training Assistance Office of Münster Student Support Services is responsible for processing BAFöG applications and is available to answer any questions you may have concerning this issue.


Münster Student Support Services
Training Assistance Office

Bismarckallee 11
48143 Münster

Tel. 0251 83 7 9539

Disability-related additional expenses

"Disability-related additional expenses" are expenses that go beyond everyday basic needs. The financial compensation of such additional expenses is very complex and depends on your individual situation. For this reason, it can only be explained briefly here.

Two important aspects

  1. Disability-related additional expenses are divided into study-related and non-study-related additional expenses. As such, different service providers may be responsible (social service providers in accordance with the Second or Twelfth Volume of the Social Code (SGB), or possibly also insurance companies or pension funds). This also depends on your individual situation.
  1. Integration support pursuant to the Ninth Volume of the Social Code may be claimed to finance study-related additional expenses incurred by students with a disability. If you are a student at Münster University of Applied Sciences, please apply to the Regional Council of Westphalia and Lippe (LWL) to obtain integration support.


Scholarships - to top up or fully finance your studies

A scholarship may be an option to top up your finance; some scholarships also provide full funding.

Most scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence or to gifted students, i.e. above-average study achievements are required in order to gain support. Other criteria such as commitments to the community or society also play an important role with many funding authorities.

A number of foundations also award special scholarships for students with a disability.

Scholarships awarded by Münster University of Applied Sciences

Münster University of Applied Sciences also awards scholarships (Germany Scholarship) to particularly gifted students. The special concerns of students with a disability are also considered here within the key criteria scholarship.

Support for blind and visually impaired students

Paul und Charlotte Kniese-Stiftung

Hardenbergplatz 2
10623 Berlin

Phone: 030 795 92 30

Google Europe Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Google supports students and PhD students who have a disability in the form of the Google Europe Scholarships for Students with Disabilities.

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