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Durchblicker 1: Learning plans - coping semester for semester with a cool head

How about getting towards the end of the semester feeling relatively relaxed and ready to sit exams … - "Not in a million years!" says your inner voice? Now it's time to do something about it by setting yourself learning objectives at the start of the semester. With a bit of discipline and motivation, you'll manage - after all, you've also coped with other challenges in your life, so you'll win this battle, too.

Durchblicker 2: Learning more easily and quickly: battling learning blocks!

Has your mind gone blank? Do you find it difficult to retain the subject matter? Do you spend hours perusing the literature, but feel as though you've not really understood it? Then maybe you have a learning block! This Durchblicker provides advice on how to recognise and overcome learning blocks and, preferably, how to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Durchblicker 3: Learning technique: visualisation

We can remember what we see and hear much more easily than what we simply hear - we all know that. And if we then talk about it, there's a 70% chance that we will retain it. So why not use this knowledge systematically in the learning process? This Durchblicker describes two core techniques.

Durchblicker 4: Setting priorities: the Eisenhower Method

How about approaching the exam phase with motivation and armed with a strategy! The aim of this Durchblicker is to identify what is important and to set priorities. The Eisenhower Method, often applied in business contexts, is adapted to the study and learning context.

Durchblicker 5: Keep cool! - overcoming exam nerves

It's important to have the right degree of tension before sitting an exam, so that the brain is highly alert without the risk of a blackout… That's what we all seek. This Durchblicker provides advice on how to reflect upon and calm your exam nerves.

Durchblicker 6: Learning facts easily with memory techniques

Whilst for some the exam period is over, others have to start revising again for the second round of written exams. Definitions, complex interrelations, formulas - this all has to be retained. This Durchblicker presents two strategies that will help you to learn by heart.

Durchblicker 7: Learning environment. Ideal for the mind - good for your mood!

You usually start out on the new semester with good intentions. Is there a voice inside your head that says, full of motivation "This time, I'll do it differently"? How about this time starting with your desk and learning environment?

Durchblicker 9: Group learning 1 - more success if all members are committed!

The semester is nearly over and the exam period is approaching. Optimise your learning strategies by learning in a group! This Durchblicker shows how you can benefit from teamwork, and when it makes sense to work in a group.

Durchblicker 10: Group learning 2 - How should we go about it?

Clear communication and a structured approach are success factors that make group learning even more effective. This Durchblicker provides advice and a brief guide on how to organise learning in a team.

Durchblicker 11: Dosh?! Keeping an eye on finances!

Financing university is a challenge. This Durchblicker provides information about support and financing options, as well as advice on looking for a suitable part-time job.

Durchblicker 12: Where has the time gone? Time thieves and minute robbers

Do you sometimes have the feeling that time is flying by? Specially when it comes to learning, when it seems as though the clock has been wound forward. This Durchblicker highlights where time is lost, and what we can do about it.

Durchblicker 13: Stay alert by snacking! How food can support learning processes

Brain food - eat yourself smart?! Of course, eating the right food doesn't really make you cleverer, but can help you to concentrate and learn better. This Durchblicker gives 10 dietary tips that are easy to follow at university.

Bon appetit!

Durchblicker 14: Procrasti... What??? Understanding procrastination and acting accordingly.

"Procrastination is the thief of time" or "Tomorrow will be soon enough?!" We all procrastinate... but some of us longer than others. This Durchblicker explains how we differ and how to respond best in each situation.
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