Application form

If you have decided to apply for a degree programme, you must complete the 'application for admission to studies'. Please enter the desired degree programme in Section 1. You only need to enter a field of study if the degree programme offers different branches. You do not need to enter your 2nd choice of degree programme. If you do enter your 2nd choice, this will only be considered if you are unable to gain a place on your 1st choice of degree programme.

Applications are no longer subject to preliminary checks by Uni-Assist. Your documents are checked directly at Münster University of Applied Sciences, which also decides whether your qualification for admission to higher education is acceptable.

You can submit your documents in person to the Admission Office for International Admissions (currently personal delivery is not possible due to the Corona pandemic) or send them to us by post.


FH Münster - University of Applied Sciences
Service Office for Students
Admission Office
Hüfferstr. 27
48149 Münster

Application documents

Please ensure that your application documents are complete and that they are submitted to us by the deadline. You can submit your documents in person to the Admission Office (currently not possible due to the Corona pandemic) or send them to us by post.

Uni-Assist no longer carries out preliminary checks. All documents must be presented as officially certified copies in both the original language and translated into German (with the exception of English and French originals).

Please submit your complete application dossier as early as possible.

Please do not submit any original certificates because they will not be returned to you!

The following documents are required for applications to degree programmes:

  • application form for admission to studies
  • curriculum vitae
  • passport copy
  • school-leaving certificate containing a list of the grades achieved (secondary school certificate)
  • if applicable, evidence of having passed a university entrance examination in the country of origin
  • evidence of successfully completed periods of study including the subjects and the grades achieved per semester as well as the final certificate, if the degree was completed
  • certificate of a German language proficiency test for entrance to higher education (not for Master Chemical Engineering)
  • certificate of the assessment test, if you have attended a preparatory course before studies (Studienkolleg)
  • if required, evidence that you have completed a work placement related to your discipline, with an exact description of the tasks performed (usually 13 weeks' duration).
  • for applications for degree programmes in Design and Architecture, evidence of having passed the artistic/creative aptitute test
  • if required, evidence that you have passed the degree programme-related aptitute test
  • for applications for Master's programmes, proof of having passed an undergraduate, qualifying degree with an above-average grade including the degree certificate and transcripts per semester (for some Master's programmes you must also include additional documents, e.g. proof of an adequate command of English, work placement periods - please observe the information provided by the faculties)
  • when applying for a transfer to a higher semester, a certificate from the faculty regarding your placement

A successful degree programme/academic year must always be proven by transcripts for each semester.

If you have not yet earned a degree in a programme lasting at least three or four years, you may only study the same or similar subjects if one or two successful years of study are required for  direct access to higher education.

You cannot apply to FH Münster - University of Applied Sciences for a preparatory course before studies (Studienkolleg).

Application for degree programmes with an aptitude test

Even if you have previously registered for and passed the aptitude test at the faculty, you still have to apply here by submitting your application for admission form to studies and supporting documents.

You can only be enrolled once the other requirements, such as certificates and German language skills, have been checked and you have received a 'letter of acceptance'.

Application for transfer to a higher semester

If you have already successfully studied a related discipline in your country of origin or in Germany, you may be able to transfer to a higher semester.

Please arrange an appointment with the examination office of the respective faculty. On the basis of your proof of academic achievement, it will then be decided which semester you can be enrolled in.

If at least one semester is credited to you, a certificate will be issued, which you have to submit along with the above-mentioned documents.


Important notice for students changing disciplines or universities:

It is only possible to stay in Germany for the duration of your study. This consists of the standard period of study specified by your university, plus an additional three semesters, in the subject you have chosen and at the university you have chosen. This means by law it is not possible to change your course of study or university! If you intend to change your course or university for any reason, you should contact the Foreigners' Registration Office immediately to clarify whether an exception can be made in your case.

Deadlines for applications

Once your documents are complete, please try to submit them several weeks before the deadline.

The deadline for applications for degree progammes commencing in the winter semester is July 15 (May 31 for the Master's programmes in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering).

The deadline for applications for degree progammes commencing in the summer semester is January 15.

Transfer applicants have to meet the same deadlines.

The deadline for registration to the artistic aptitude test for Design is March 15 for the winter semester and October 1 for the summer semester. The deadline for registering for the aptitute test for the degree programme in Architecture is likely to be the beginning of May for the winter semester.

The deadlines for applications to the degree programme-related aptitude tests can be found on the website of the faculty concerned. Please refer to the range of degree programmes offered to find out which programmes currently require aptitude tests.


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