Unfortunately, the state preparatory courses in North Rhine-Westphalia no longer exist. However, the state-approved Studienkolleg in Bochum still offers T courses. Please follow the link below for access further information on the Studienkolleg and the application form.
In addition, applications are still possible at the Studienkolleg in Mettingen. Please access the link below for further information.
There will still be preparatory courses in other German federal states.

Please note that applications for admissions to preparatory courses before studies (Studienkolleg) cannot be processed at Münster University of Applied Sciences. You may only apply to our university once you have passed the Studienkolleg assessment test.

Preparation for the assessment test generally takes two semesters. A subject-specific course is chosen, depending on the discipline you wish to study. Please bear in mind that you can only pursue studies in the subject of your chosen subject-specific course. If you decide you would like to study something else, you will have to sit an additional examination.
The following subject-specific courses are offered:
- T course: preparation for engineering, mathematics and natural science degree programmes
- M course: preparation for medicine and biology degree programmes
- W course: preparation for economics and social science degree programmes
- G course: humanities and artistic degree programmes; German studies
- S course: language degree programmes (with the exception of German)

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