Qualification for admission to higher education

A'levels (Abitur) or an entrance qualification for studies at universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulreife) are generally the qualifications required for admission. In addition, there are other ways of gaining entrance to universities of applied sciences, for example, for those with vocational qualifications.

The Fachhochschulreife consists of an academic part and a practical element. The practical element can be acquired by a recognised apprenticeship lasting at least two years, several years' work experience or a guided work placement.


For a number of degree programmes, applicants need to have taken a pre-placement. Places can only be awarded if the relevant supporting documents are submitted. Do not worry, however, sometimes exceptions can be made. For instance, work placements do not always have to be completed by the time of enrolment. For detailed information about work placements, please refer to our range of degree programmes.

Aptitude test

The application deadlines for aptitude tests are usually very early. Make sure you do not miss them.

Other degree programme-specific admissions requirements

In some degree programmes, there are special admissions requirements that are specific to those programmes. For example, you may be required to have started or completed a certain type of vocational training, had work experience or have command of a certain language.

Video: Choice of study, how does it work? (only in german language)

This short video explains, how your choice of study could work.
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