Aptitude Test Bachelor Design and Teacher Training at Vocational Colleges

Brief overview

DepartmentMünster School of Design
IntakeWinter semester & summer semester
CharacteristicsPassing the aptitude test is a prerequisite for applying to study at MSD | Münster School of Design. The aptitude test will take place on June 03 and 11, 2024.

Requirements and registration

Entrance requirements

There are no particular prerequisites for registering for the aptitude test. You only need to provide evidence of your higher education entrance qualification when applying for a place on the degree programme.

RegistrationThe closing date for registrations
is on 15.03.2024.

Register online

Detailed description of the aptitude test

The aim of the aptitude test is to determine applicants’ creative aptitude. After all, only candidates with an aptitude for the specific degree programme have the basis for completing the degree with success.

How and when can I register for the aptitude test?

Registration for the aptitude test takes place online. For this purpose, our Applicants’ Portal (myFH) is accessible from 20 January to 15 March and from 1 August to 1 October. If you wish to embark on your degree programme in the winter semester, please register for the aptitude test in spring. If you wish to embark on your degree programme in the summer semester, please register for the aptitude test in summer.

Any time during the registration period, you can activate the “Direkt anmelden” (Register directly) button at the top of the page, which will direct you to the process for registering to the Applicants’ Portal, and then to the aptitude test. Once the registration phase has come to a close, you will receive an email from us containing an invitation to the aptitude test, stating the exact test dates. The portfolio theme will also be announced then.

How will I find out about the theme for my portfolio?

After the last day of the registration period, we will announce the theme for the application portfolio on our website. We will also send an email to all candidates who have registered for the aptitude test.

When and where should I submit my portfolio?

Once the theme has been announced, you will have at least six weeks to prepare your portfolio. All candidates will be notified by Münster School of Design by email of the date by which the portfolio with your work samples shall be submitted. Several days before the date of the aptitude test you have the opportunity to upload your portfolio in the myFH portal.

What should my portfolio entail?

The portfolio, containing between 10 and a maximum of 20 samples of your work, the presentation of the work should preferably be in landscape format as a PDF file (16:9)

All kinds of associations and concepts related to the set theme can be explored across media. What is expected is a subjective interpretation of the assignment and the resulting visual realisation – as versatile, imaginative and experimental as possible


Your work should demonstrate that you are capable of thinking conceptually and of developing your own ideas. For this reason, your portfolio should also document the development process and any sketches you made in the process.


The portfolio for submission for the aptitude test must contain the following:

  • 10 to 20 numbered samples of your work
  • A numbered index with brief descriptions of your work samples
  • A signed declaration confirming that you created all of the pieces on your own, without outside assistance(see invitation to the aptitude test)
  • the completed questionnaire (see invitation to the aptitude test)

What is the procedure for the aptitude test?

The aptitude test consists of two parts, taken on two consecutive days:

Day 1: Review of applicants’ portfolios

Admission to the practical part of the test on the second day is dependent on the creative quality of the work samples you submitted in your portfolio, which will be assessed by professors who teach at Münster School of Design, taking into account the following aspects: imaginativeness, design skills, and the creative and experimental exploration of the theme.

If your portfolio is assessed as positive in terms of the criteria, you will be invited to an practical test and an interview with the Commission on the following day.

Day 2: Practical test/ interview

In the morning, the exam topic is presented and explained to the admitted applicants. The exam consists of a creative task which can be completed within four hours. The creative means for processing are freely selectable. The results of the practical test will be reviewed in a subsequent presentation and discussion with each applicant.

Please provide favourite materials, such as sketch pad, markers, paper, scissors, glue, pens, magazines/newspapers for collages, coloured papers, etc. - also materials for three-dimensional design.

Will the upcoming aptitude test take place digitally or on site?

The upcoming aptitude test in November 2023 will take place digitally only.

When will I get the results of my aptitude test?

On the day after taking the exam, you will be notified whether you have passed the aptitude test. If you have passed, you can apply for a study place with the notification of suitability.

For how long is the result of my aptitude test valid?

Once the aptitude test has been passed, it is generally valid for the four application periods following the date on which aptitude was determined.

For example: If you passed the aptitude test in spring 2023, in theory, you can apply to start studying at MSA for the following intakes:

  • Winter semester 2023/24
  • Summer semester 2024
  • Winter semester 2024/25
  • Summer semester 2025

What if I fail the aptitude test?

If you fail the aptitude test, you have one more chance to take it again. To take the test a second time, simply register for the aptitude test again within the deadlines above. You can only apply for a place at MSA once you have passed the aptitude test.

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