Aptitude test for EBP and CALA Bachelor’s degree programmes

Brief overview

DepartmentMünster School of Business
IntakeWinter semester
CharacteristicsDas Bestehen der Eignungsprüfung ist Voraussetzung für die Studienbewerbung/Einschreibung in den EBP- oder CALA-Studiengang.

Requirements and registration

Entrance requirements

Candidates who

  • have registered for the test by 31 May and uploaded the necessary documents and
  • who gained an average mark of at least 3.0 (8 points) in Mathematics and the relevant language at sixth form

will be admitted to the aptitude test.

RegistrationYou can register for the aptitute test from the end of January to 31 May.
If you submit your full application for the aptitude test online by 15 April, we will, where possible, offer you an early date in May for the aptitude test (only applicable for EBP English and EBP/CALA Spanish).

Detailed description of the aptitude test

Passing the aptitude test is a prerequisite for enrolling on the EBP or CALA degree programme. The aim of the aptitude test is to determine your aptitude for the specific degree programme: besides testing your language skills, mathematical skills and logical thinking, we will also assess your personal motivation and how you approach specialist issues.

How and when can I register for the aptitude test?

Registrations for the aptitude test are made online during the application period from the end of January to end of May/mid-june each year (exact date see above).

In order to start the registration process, simply register with our myFH Portal and request an FH ID. You will then be directed to the online registration. You can use your FH ID to login to the myFH Portal at any time and check the status of your registration for the aptitude test, and later to start your application for a place on a degree programme (enrolment).

Which documents should I submit when registering for the aptitude test?

At the end of the process for registering online for the aptitude test, you will receive a list of the documents that you need to upload as a PDF file:

  • (Restricted) university entry certificate (Fachabitur-/Abiturzeugnis) (If you have not yet received your final certificate, please attach a certificate of your grades issued by your school)
  • A passport photo
  • Your Curriculum Vitae in tabular form
  • Your reasons for choosing the degree programme, 1 DIN A4 page at the most
  • Evidence of commitments outside school, voluntary service or periods abroad, where applicable

Applicants for the EBP programme should submit their CV and reasons for choosing the degree programme in German; applicants for CALA should submit these documents in Portuguese or Spanish. Prospective CALA students from abroad must write these two documents in German.

The documents for registering for the aptitude test need not be certified.

When will the aptitude test take place?

Aptitude tests are held between May and the beginning of July.
If you submit your full application for the aptitude test online by 15 April, we will, where possible, offer you an early date in May for the aptitude test (only applicable for EBP English and EBP/CALA Spanish). You will receive an email inviting you to attend a test day in Münster. After registering online for the aptitute test, please check your emails regularly. Make sure that you respond to this email immediately: either confirm that you will attend the date offered to you, or tell us that you are unable to make it.

Test days are set internally, and are not posted on the internet. The aptitude test cannot be taken online or abroad. Please take this into consideration when planning any holidays or periods abroad.

What if I am unable to attend the test day?

If you are unable to attend the test on the day to which you have been invited, please reply to the email inviting you to participate in the aptitude test, and tell us that you are unable to make it. We will then offer you an alternative date by email, where possible.

When do I have to decide which partner university I want to attend?

You must decide on the test day which partner university you want to attend for the English, French or Spanish-speaking part of the programme. Further information will be provided after the written tests. Please read up about our partner universities beforehand. Details are also provided in our information letter for applicants.

German-Latin American Business Administration degree programme (CALA):

Students on the CALA programme have until the end of the third semester to decide which partner university they wish to attend.

What does the aptitude test involve?

The aptitude test comprises a written part and an oral part. It includes:

  • A 60-minute written maths and logic test. You will be tested on your knowledge of commercial arithmetic, algebraic equations and their functions, set theory and differential calculus, which is a prerequisite for participating in statistics courses.
  • A 20-minute discussion. During the discussion, you will need to demonstrate your ability to express reasoned assessments and arguments in connection with specialist issues − also in the foreign language. You will hold this discussion with a representative from the relevant degree programme, a language teacher and a business representative. Most of the interview will be conducted in German; the remaining part will be held in the relevant foreign language.

No aids (calculators, etc.) are permitted in any of the tests.

What language skills do I need?

You should have B 2.1 level foreign language skills.

You should

  • be able to read and understand a daily newspaper in the relevant foreign language,
  • be able to understand a film in the relevant foreign language,
  • have a sound knowledge of grammar.

How can I prepare for the maths and logic test?

The ideal book to prepare for this test is Sabine Hoffmann’s “Mathematische Grundlagen für Betriebswirte” (Foundations of Mathematics for Business Economists).

What do I need to know for the interview?

The committee will try to determine whether

  • you have an understanding of basic economic processes (whether or not you have previous knowledge will be taken into account).
  • you are able to assess the situation and significance of Europe and Latin America from an economic point of view.
  • you have specific knowledge/experience related to the country/region of the partner university / partner countries.
  • you are able to express yourself orally and put forward your arguments.
  • you can substantiate your dedication and initiative.
  • there are clear reasons for your motivation to pursue the EBP or CALA programme.

What will happen on the day of the aptitude test?

The written test, worth 20 points, is held in the morning. If you score a minimum of 10 points, you will be invited to attend the oral part of the aptitude test in the afternoon. Those who score less than 10 points in the written part will not proceed to the next part of the aptitude test.

At lunch time, candidates will have the opportunity to chat to current students on the relevant degree programme. The results of the written test will be announced after the lunch break. We will ensure that candidates from further afield are interviewed early on in the afternoon, enabling them to complete the oral part of the aptitude test as early as possible.

How will my performance be assessed?

The members of the committee will award marks to your performance in the assessment procedure. The maximum score each test part is:

1. 20 points for the written maths and logic test

2. 20 points for the discussion

Special aptitude for the specific programme is determined if the candidate scores at least 10 points in the written maths and logic test and has an overall score of at least 25 points.

If a candidate attempts to influence the result of the written test by cheating or by using inadmissible aids, then a score of 0 points will be awarded for the performance in question.

When will I get the results of my aptitude test?

Shortly after the day of the test, you will receive the result of your test by post.

How and when can I register for the degree programme?

Candidates who have passed the aptitude test and who can provide the necessary documentation can apply online for a place on the EBP or CALA programmes between the beginning of June and 15 August. Please note: Just because you have passed the aptitude test does not mean that you have already enrolled for the degree programme; you must enrol in order to embark on the degree programme at Münster University of Applied Sciences in the winter semester.

Other aptitude tests and selection procedures for which you can register directly with the degree programme or School:

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