Business Management in Technology (Master)

Brief overview

DegreeMaster of Business Administration (MBA)
DepartmentInstitute of Business Administration & Engineering
Special type of studypart-time, executive, self-improvement, distance learning
IntakeSummer semester
Standard period of study5 semesters
Semester feeVollzahler 285,74 Euro / Teilzahler 99,34 Euro
Tuition fee1250 € / Semester

Requirements and application

Admissions restrictions No local entrance restrictions
Pre-study placementNo
Additional entrance requirements

First professional degree:
The requirement for entry to the programme is an engineering or science degree (with an overall grade of 3.0 or better). It is not necessary to have completed a degree in Industrial Engineering or a similar combination course with technical/scientific and business content.

You must demonstrate that you have had at least 18 months’ relevant work experience (full-time) since completing your undergraduate degree.
ApplicationIt is not possible
to apply at present.

Detailed description of the degree programme

Those who have a Master of Business Administration, or MBA for short, are regarded as the high-flyers, movers and shakers, and future leaders. Our degree programme in Business Management in Technology will enable you to gain this qualification part-time while working. If you have completed an engineering or science degree and you wish to add business knowledge and management abilities to your skill set, then you’ve come to the right place.


In order to remain competitive, companies need employees with knowledge that reaches over conventional barriers. After all, the full business potential can only be exploited if decisions are made on the basis of both technical and economic expertise. Our degree programme combines these two areas, enabling you to analyse and assess the implementation of technology advances in economic terms. During the programme, you will deal with all necessary areas that you can expect to come across in your career: operational and strategic management, investment and funding models, controlling and marketing. We also put great emphasis on the further development of your soft skills, which is why we have integrated subjects such as Business Communication and Human Resource Management into the curriculum. This way, by the time you finish studying, you will have the key transferable skills required for senior management positions.

Occupational fields

After obtaining your MBA degree, you will be able to get your foot in the door of middle and senior management levels of companies – starting with leadership and management tasks in individual projects and leading to the management of a company. As a manager, you will act as the head of a department that has a high level of productivity, positioning products on the market successfully and exploiting the full potential of the company through effective controlling.

Content and course sequence

Our part-time degree programme is designed to take five semesters. The study modules are carefully aligned, covering subject areas such as accounting, marketing, business law, statistics, management, controlling, business communication, and production management. Since we place great importance on real-world relevance, you will be able to apply the knowledge you have gained directly to your everyday working environment while still at university. In the fifth semester, you will complete your degree programme with a Master’s thesis and the subsequent colloquium.

The time structure of our degree programme is flexible, enabling you to optimally combine study, work and family life. You will complete the majority of the programme (around two-thirds) during independent study. You will deal with the teaching materials (correspondence units) that we provide you with, preparing yourself for on-campus seminars and exams. During these on-campus sections, you will enhance your knowledge and transfer it to phenomena from industrial practice. Courses at Münster University of Applied Sciences are held on Saturdays. Attendance is not usually mandatory. In our experience, however, these courses are particularly useful when preparing for written exams.

Studying Business Management in Technology part-time while working involves a great deal of time. You will need self-discipline and should be conversant with effective working techniques. We will also provide support in this field – in the form of one-on-one guidance and supplemental offerings running concurrently with the required courses, such as on the topic of time management.

Why choose us

Our degree programme will enable you to gain further qualifications in a targeted manner: the building blocks of education are coordinated with one another, enabling you to develop your individual profile. Throughout the degree programme, you will apply the knowledge gained in practical assignments and case studies. Face-to-face classes will give you the opportunity to academically reflect on your professional expertise and to build on it in a constructive manner. We will purposefully encourage you to deal with practice-oriented issues, facilitating the transfer of course content directly to your everyday working environment. You will also benefit from small study groups (with a maximum of 25 students) in which you will be able to share professional experiences and establish valuable networks for the future.