Chemical Engineering (Bachelor)

Brief overview

DegreeBachelor of Science (B. Sc.)
DepartmentDepartment of Chemical Engineering
Special type of studyfull-time
IntakeWinter semester
Standard period of study6 semesters
Language of InstructionGerman
Semester fee€301,34 / semester (summer term 2022)

Requirements and enrolment

Admissions restrictions No local entrance restrictions
Pre-study placementNo
Additional entrance requirements

Language requirements:

Applicants who did not acquire their study qualification at a German-speaking institution must demonstrate that they have knowledge of German at level C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL), for example by proving that they have passed the TestDaF (Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache) with an average score of ‘4’, or must furnish equivalent proof.

EnrolmentThe next enrolment phase
commences in Mai 2022.

Detailed description of the degree programme

How is iron ore made into steel? How is crude oil transformed into petrol? And how is waste converted into energy? As a chemical engineer, you will know the answers to these questions. On our Chemical Engineering programme, you will gain comprehensive knowledge of chemistry and process engineering. This expertise will help you to resolve many key issues – from environmental protection to sustainable energy supply.


Our Bachelor programme offers you a solid grounding in chemical engineering, so that you will be well prepared to respond to the special requirements in a company or a sector in practice. As a graduate of our degree programme, you will be able to work independently. You will have the necessary subject expertise and methodological skills to analyse occupation-specific processes and problems, and to develop practice-oriented solutions. In the process, you will always take account of connections beyond the subject area, and integrate them into your work.

Occupational fields

Our degree programme will qualify you for many fields of activity, such as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the food industry and the power industry. In these fields, you could work as a product developer, a quality control chemist, a lab manager or a project engineer. A significant portion of your education will be conducted in cooperation with regional industrial companies, making you a sought-after expert in the industrial sector. After completing your Bachelor’s degree, you could, of course, follow it with a Master’s programme – perhaps to become involved in research or to gain access to a managerial position in this sector.

Content and course sequence

Our degree programme is divided into two sections. At the foundation stage, during the first few semesters, you will gain a broad education in chemistry and technology. In addition to chemistry, the curriculum also includes mathematics, physics and technical English.

In the second stage of study, you will choose between two specialisations:

In Chemical Process Engineering, you will learn about the processes involved in making steel from ore, for example, or petrol from crude oil. The focus is on the technical aspects of chemistry and topics such as plant engineering, environmental engineering, and thermodynamics.

In Applied Chemistry, you will learn about the fundamental chemical aspects of the subject area. How are plastics produced, and what do they consist of? Using specific issues and examples, you will learn about instrumental analysis, materials science, and organic and macromolecular chemistry.

In the final semester, you will complete a 12-week block of practice at a company of your choice. At the company, you will apply the knowledge you have gained, get to know the typical working day and potentially find your future employer. You will conclude the programme by writing your Bachelor thesis.

Why choose us

Practice learning

You will gain considerable practical experience on the programme from the very first semester: at least two to three times each semester, you will apply the knowledge gained to lab work. You will find the necessary equipment for this in our modern facilities on the Steinfurt Campus.


A lot of intensive research is conducted at our department. This will enable you to get involved in interesting projects and, perhaps, find a position as a student assistant as the first step towards becoming a researcher.


We offer you top-quality supervision: you will be able to approach our staff, tutors and professors throughout your time at university. In addition, small groups, seminars and a wide range of lectures create an ideal learning climate and a good relationship between staff and students.

Partner universities

We have good contacts with industry and various partner universities in Germany and abroad. We will be happy to help you organise a semester abroad and to ensure that the credits you earn there are accepted.

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