International Business & Management, subject area European Business Programme (EBP) and China (Bachelor)

Brief overview

DegreeBachelor of Arts (B.A.)
DepartmentMünster School of Business
SiteMünster and Finland, France, Great-Britain, Ireland, Spain, China
Special type of studyInternational degree programme, full-time
IntakeWinter semester
Standard period of study7 semesters
Semester fee€308,44 per semester (summer term 2023)
Tuition feeYou may have to pay tuition fees at universities abroad.

Requirements and enrolment

Admissions restrictions No local entrance restrictions
Pre-study placementNo
Additional entrance requirementsYou must establish proof of your programme-specific qualifications for studying in the EBP. In a oral examination, you must prove your interest in business tasks, as well as your knowledge of the language spoken in the country of your choice.

Further details at the following link:
EnrolmentApplication for the summer semester is only possible for incoming students from foreign partner universities.

German applicants can only apply for the winter semester and must have passed an aptitude test beforehand. You can apply online via the myFH portal from the end of January (see link above). The application deadline for the aptitude test is 31 May. Only after you have passed the aptitude test can you apply online for enrolment at Münster University of Applied Sciences by 15 August, i.e. you apply online for the degree programme with proof of having previously passed the aptitude test (two-stage application procedure).
If you submit your application for the aptitude test completely online by 15 March, we will offer you an early date for the aptitude test as early as April if possible (for EBP only English and Spanish).

Detailed description of the degree programme

A semester abroad with a double degree, international work placements, and still a short study duration: if you want a job in international business, these are the requirements you should meet. In the European Business Programme (EBP), they are part of the basic curriculum. The Bachelor programme offers you the opportunity to prepare for a career in international business management, while also improving your knowledge of one or two foreign languages. You will learn what is involved in working on business-related issues in a team with people from different countries and what it means to be internationally mobile.


Your studies in the EBP focus on acquiring the ability to make clever judgements, perform probing analysis, and make wise decisions in the field of business. In addition, we develop specific key transferable skills which are increasing in importance in the job market. During your studies, you will further develop your intercultural skills and come to understand the economic fundamentals specific to the country of your choice. Another aim of this degree programme is thus to acquire excellent foreign language skills.

Occupational fields

After your studies, you will be equipped with the skills to contend for attractive jobs in companies from all sectors, for example, as a product manager, personnel manager, assistant auditor or junior consultant. In addition, you will gain the academic qualification for a subsequent Master’s programme, which will lead to additional further opportunities.

Content and course sequence

You can choose from a total of nine partner universities in six countries for your double degree: in Finland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain or China. Our degree programme is divided into a basic, an advanced and an expansion stage. In light of this, the course sequence depends on which foreign university you choose.

You will complete the two-semester basic stage in Münster, where you will learn the theoretical fundamentals of economics: management processes, economics and business administration, statistics, mathematics and data processing. Developing your first and second foreign languages is also part of the curriculum.

The advanced stage enhances your knowledge, in particular through cross-functional and international content, such as strategic management, international business administration, intercultural management and the European economic system. Depending on which partner university you choose, this stage will comprise two or three semesters abroad (sandwich model) or in Münster (consecutive model).

In the expansion stage, you will acquire specialist knowledge of your choice, such as strategic marketing, logistics or accounting. If you have already studied abroad during the advanced stage (sandwich model), you will now return to Münster. All other students will go to the partner university (consecutive model).

Why choose us

  • International work placements: While studying, you will have the opportunity to complete work placements in renowned companies.
  • A supportive network: On your way to obtaining the international double degree, the European Business Programme offers you security and reliability – in Münster and abroad. Students work in small groups, which provide optimum study conditions. Students also enjoy close social links beyond the lecture hall.
  • Top positions in rankings: In addition to the high rate of academic success – over 90% of students obtain their degree within the standard period of study – the success of our concept is also reflected by the top positions we achieve in renowned rankings.

Download Degree Programme Information:

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