Water management (Master)

Brief overview

DegreeMaster of Science (M.Sc.)
DepartmentDepartment of Civil Engineering
Special type of studyfull-time
IntakeWinter semester
Standard period of study4 semesters
Language of InstructionGerman
Semester fee

Requirements and application

Admissions restrictions Local entrance restrictions
Pre-study placementNo
Additional entrance requirements

First professional degree:
An undergraduate degree related to science with a clear reference to water or the environment with an average grade of 2.7 or better

ApplicationPlease apply online to University of Münster

Detailed description of the degree programme

Water is the elixir of life, and hence a resource of vital importance. In light of climate change, population growth and a shortage of drinking water, the conscientious use of water is one of the greatest challenges of our time. An interdisciplinary approach in research and development is required to tackle this challenge. In our Master’s programme, you will gain the necessary specialist knowledge to do just that. You will learn how to consider and assess issues concerning all aspects of water as a resource from the perspectives of science, technology and social science. Our Master’s programme closes the gap between theory and practice, simultaneously connecting these three spheres of influence: nature, humans and technology.


After completing the programme, you will be able to address issues related to water both independently and within a team. In the process, you will constantly find yourself in an interdisciplinary framework that includes geosciences, ecology, biology and technology. You will analyse facts, evaluate situations, and develop theories for resolving problems. You will be able to assess how economic and ecological changes affect the natural water system and our social system. Your interdisciplinary specialist knowledge will make you a sought-after expert in the area of water management and the water industry.

Occupational fields

You will be able to take on managerial roles in all areas involving the protection and management of water resources and water-dependent ecosystems.

Potential employers include governmental agencies, companies from the private sector, associations and research institutions. You will also be perfectly qualified to take on tasks in regional water resource management, as well as in water supply and wastewater disposal companies. Depending on your choice of specialisation, you may also be able to work on the international arena, for example, in technical water management or on a policy level.

Content and course sequence

This degree programme is based on cooperation between various faculties at the University of Münster (Geosciences, Biology, Medicine) and departments at Münster University of Applied Sciences (Chemical Engineering, Energy, Building Services, Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Food and Nutrition). This inter-university collaboration ensures that you will be offered a diverse study programme. An important element of your programme will be the production of an extensive case study. In this case, you will work in an interdisciplinary manner with other students, enabling you to gain not only specialist skills, but also other key transferable skills for your future everyday working environment. The programme involves three stages:

  1.  At the beginning, you will acquire the necessary basic knowledge and learn the technical language of each subject area.
  2.  During the second stage, you will place greater emphasis on exploring topics such as: the natural water system, contaminants in water, and the use of water.
  3.  During the final stage of your programme, you will choose a specialisation from areas such as protection, regeneration and use.

Most of the lectures and seminars are held in Münster. A few optional courses are held on the campus in Steinfurt.

Why choose us

In all areas, our Master’s programme builds on interdisciplinary training. You will learn how to consider water as a resource in a delicate balance among nature, humans and technology. Thanks to collaboration among the various faculties at the University of Münster and Münster University of Applied Sciences, teaching is both research-oriented and application-oriented, offering numerous combination options. You will be able to choose your electives independently to suit your interests.

One way in which we prepare you for entering professional life is to offer specialisations in protection, use and regeneration, enabling you to develop your skill set in a targeted manner. In addition, you will also work closely with other faculties during the programme, such as during your case study, enabling you to gain interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary skills.

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