System re-accreditation of FH Münster 2018-2026

Since 2009, higher education institutions in Germany have been able to gain system accreditation. System accreditation involves reviewing a university's quality management system to determine whether it is capable of safeguarding the quality of the degree programmes offered at that university. If a university has secured system accreditation, valid for a period of eight years, it has the power to award the German Accreditation Council seal to its own degree programmes. In that case, programme accreditation is usually no longer needed. FH Münster has been actively undertaking quality management for more than ten years. We were the first university of applied sciences in Germany to gain system accreditation, which has since been recognised a second time.

Concept of cumulative system re-accreditation

Eight years after positive system accreditation (2011-2018), the university's internal system is re-accredited. In our efforts to advance the QM system, we considered it less helpful to simply repeat similar questions to those within the initial accreditation. Instead, we wanted to establish a procedure which in itself offers the occasion to address the issue of how our QM system can be made more target group-oriented, effective and lean. The outcome: the procedure of cumulative system re-accreditation, approved in spring 2017, envisages dividing the eight-year re-accreditation period (September 2018 to August 2026) into several two to three-year development cycles. Each cycle is dedicated to a thematic priority, which the university draws up together with the accompanying accreditation agency.

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