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Award winning student with the Dean
In 2017 Prof. Dr. Marcus Laumann won the Bologna Price for excellent teaching. (Photo: Münster School of Business)

Not only top scores in university rankings and our quality management document the success of Münster School of Business. The outstanding awards won by our professors, students and alumni, also demonstrate the quality of education and research at our School.

Here is an overview of the awards won by our students and alumni.


Year Award winner Country Award
2017 Prof. Dr. Marcus Laumann Germany Bologna Price for excellent teaching
2017 Mihaela Simeonova Germany DAAD prize for international Students
2017 Giovanna Zeny Germany The German Chancellor Fellowship - Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
2017 Prof. Dr. Thomas Baaken Netherlands "Highly Cited Research"-Certificate in Journal of Engineering and Technology Management
2016 Noemi Jaekel, Theresa Rötzel und Ronja Fischer Germany Scholarship - German Academic Foundation
2016 Peter King USA Parliamentary Sponsorship Programme
(PPP) of the German Bundestag and the US Congress
2016 Lea Stöber, Vincent Jost, Hanna Büscher, Lea Fuchs and Louis Wagner England 2nd place at the IBM Business Challenge
2015 Prof. Dr. Olaf Arlinghaus Germany 1st place in the Business Studies/Law category in the UNICUM contest "Professor of the Year 2015"
2015 Konrad Schneid Germany First Prize in the SAP Arbeitskreis Hochschulen e.V. for his Bachelor thesis on the IT-based standardisation of a business process
2014 Prof. Dr. Olaf Arlinghaus Germany 3rd place in the Business Studies/Law category in the UNICUM contest "Professor of the Year 2014"
2014 Arkadi Jampolski Germany Winner of the Business Plan Competition of the Hasso Plattner Institute (prize money 100,000 euros)
2014 Melissa Skender Germany BME University Award
2014 Alexander Kusche Germany First Prize from the SAP Arbeitskreis Hochschulen e.V.
WS 2013/14 Julian Allendorf Germany Acceptance onto the WiWi Talents Programme
2013 President of Münster University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Dr. Ute von Lojewski Germany University Manager of the Year 2013 (DIE ZEIT and the CHE Centre for Higher Education)
2013 Lukas Tumbrink, Stefan Jovanovic Jan Everding Germany Data Mining Cup 2013,
Germany: 9th place
Worldwide: 31st place (out of 63)
2013 Stefan Rymar, Managing Director of elbkind GmbH Germany Social Media Team of the Year 2013 and Most Successful Product Launch of the Year 2013
2013 Arkadi Jampolski Germany "Join the best" scholarship
2013 Anne Limper-Menapace Germany Best student at the partner university Universidad de La Sabana (Bogotá, Colombia)
2012 Mario Winkelhaus Germany David Kopf University Award - Best Final Thesis of the Year
2012 Jennifer Baronick Germany Accepted onto the "Career Track" at Henkel
2012 Farid Vatanparast Germany Deutscher Bürgerpreis
2012 Michael Dircksen Germany "Best Paper Award" in Seoul, South Korea
2012 Jannis Rinschen Germany Jannis Rinschen was one of ten German students who received a scholarship to pursue a Master's Programme by the Japanese Ministry of Education
2011 Christoph Dieker Germany German Champion of the Reit-, Zucht- und Fahrverein and Sportsman of the Year
2011 Leon de Vries Netherlands Thesis Award 2011 of the Bundesvereinigung Logistik
2011 Farid Vatanparast Germany "Role Model for Social Commitment" according to Robert Bosch Stiftung
2011 Susanne Menges Germany Best Final Thesis
2011 Bernd Ewering Germany Best Final Thesis
2011 Thorsten Heidemann Germany Best Final Thesis
2011 Nils Rullkötter Germany Best Final Thesis
2010 Anne-Kathrin Kuhlemann Germany Acceptance into the group of "Young Elites under 40" by the business journal Capital
2010 Julian Schulz, Maximilian Pütz, Dennis Walheiser, Pascal Lange Germany Exist Prime Campus Cup, 1st place
2010 Silke Janning
Philipp Greßner
Germany Thesis Award by the Bundesvereinigung Logistik
2010 Petra Bültmann-Steffin Germany European Business Award for the Environment
2010 Friederike Böttcher Germany Best grade in Business Studies at the Universidad del Centro Educativo Latinoamericano
2010 Antonia Mahler
Carsten Piesbergen
Marie Toepfer
Jan van Eickels
Evelin Eich
Germany IBM Business Challenge - 5th place
2009 Eva-Maria Hagelschuer Germany Stückmann Stiftung Award
2009 Petra Bültmann-Steffin Germany

German Environmental Award 2009

2009 Nadia Shihab Israel DAAD Award for International Students
2009 Benjamin Tschauner
Philipp Adämmer
Timo Pape

Global View Challenge - 2nd place

2009 Farid Vatanparast Germany Entrepreneurial Award of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia and Award by Münster's Stiftung Kriminalprävention
2008 Karsten Wenzel
Dorothea Schmid
Christian Eder
Germany "Logistik Masters" (1st to 3rd place)
2008 Lisa Kiene Germany Preis der Jungen Karriere
2008 Gilbert Aholou
Sergei Serkin
International Award for Foreign Students (2007/2008 only)
2008 Farid Vatanparast Germany Award by the Deichmann-Stiftung for the prevention of youth unemployment
2007 Annamaria Deak Hungary DAAD Award for International Students
2007 Ana Flávia Medina e Marquez Brazil International Award for Foreign Students (2007/2008 only)
2006 Rong Yang China DAAD Award for International Students
2005 Andres Flamand Mexico DAAD Award for International Students
2003 Miguel Betancur Colombia DAAD Award for International Students
2001 Marta Lohle-Morocz Hungary

DAAD Award for International Students

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