Contents and course of studies

You get the knowledge you need to understand, develop and use tomorrow's critical technologies. The Communications Engineering event focuses on the processing of signals in the high-frequency range. In the Communication Systems module you will learn about different communication standards so that you can understand and implement the important standards of digital networking. Digital Signal Processing provides the knowledge you need to make quantitative statements about signals and process these signals in a targeted manner. In the microprocessor technology module, you will learn how a washing machine can be integrated into the WLAN with the help of a microprocessor. And speaking of WLAN: How can such signals be provided or optimized at home?

Visit the VHDL synthesis module and learn the basics of programming a DSL router. And why can it be parameterized via a web interface? The required user interfaces are discussed in the Softcore Processors module. The contents of the modules Circuit Technology and Embedded Software enable you to start directly with the hardware implementation. The entire canon of subjects taught makes you a very attractive candidate for a large number of companies in various industries.

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