What do I have to do to have services recognized?

If you would like to have achievements recognized that you have completed at other universities or in other courses of study or training, an application to the Examinations Office is always required. This can initially be done informally and we will then inform you which documents you need to submit, whether we will invite you to an interview, etc.

What documents do I need to submit?

In the recognition process, you must always submit the following documents:

  • the degree certificate or - if not available - a signed transcript of grades,
  • the module manual of the corresponding study program. The corresponding module manual pages must recognizably belong to the examination achievements confirmed in the certificate and describe learning objectives, contents as well as the workload of the modules.

Note: If it is a question of the recognition of achievements obtained at other universities, the recognition is carried out module by module. This means that you inform us exactly which module of your previous degree program you would like to have recognized for which module of our degree program. It is not possible to combine the contents and learning objectives of several modules of your previous studies in order to have this combination recognized as a substitute for one of our modules.

Under certain circumstances, further documents may also be required, for example

  • Documentation of the accreditation of the university or the study program,
  • a description of the learning objectives of the degree program, or
  • the examination regulations of the study program

Please note: All documents must be submitted in German as originals or as certified copies in paper form.

I have previously studied abroad in a foreign language - what do I need to consider?

If your original documents were not written in German, you must submit a translation into German, prepared by a sworn translator in the Federal Republic of Germany. When submitting translations, you must also submit the original in any case.

How can I support the recognition process?

You can assist the recognition process by assembling documentation in the specified format early.

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