In the development and implementation of the university strategy, the so-called Academic Scorecard (ASC), a variant of the Balanced Scorecard adapted by FH Münster or educational institutions with the three perspectives of education, research and resources, is used as a strategic management tool. To better concretise and operationalise the university's internationalisation strategy, a "sub-ASC" internationalisation strategy was formulated.
In order to better coordinate the individual plans and development goals of the departments with the university strategy of the presidential board, FH Münster has decided, after intensive consultations with the presidential board, the deans, the quality management officers (QM officers) of all departments as well as the QM team and employees of the service facilities, to use the instrument of the ASC with the three perspectives of education, research and resources. In this context, the university-wide ASC focuses on formulating those goals that can be directly influenced by central measures; whereas the scorecards of the departments describe all goals that the respective unit would like to work towards achieving during the next five years. A careful coordination process (top-down and bottom-up) ensured that, on one hand, the strategic and concrete goals were in line with the university's mission statement and maxims for action and, on the other hand, that the goals of the teaching units were compatible with each other and with the goals of the university management.
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