Funding opportunities at the FH Münster:

Study abroad at a ERASMUS+ partner university in Europe

The ERASMUS+ scholarship program supports a study stay at partner universities in all member states of the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Northern Macedonia, Norway, Serbia and Turkey. Students of the FH Münster can study through the exchange program at European partner universities with whom an ERASMUS+ contract has been signed with their departments and where exchange places have been agreed upon. ERASMUS+ includes exemption from tuition fees and a financial allowance for the scholarship holders.


The PROMOS scholarship program offers financial support for self-organized study abroad at a university outside the countries participating in ERASMUS+ or within the countries participating in ERASMUS+ if no funding is available through this program.

Other funding opportunities:

Scholarship program "HAW.International: Study abroad and final theses"

Students in Bachelor's and Master's degree programs at German universities of applied sciences receive scholarships in this program for a stay abroad as part of their studies.

The scholarship covers the following:

  • a monthly allowance based on the host country,
  • travel cost based on the host country,
  • support for health, accident and liability insurance,
  • for studying abroad: partial coverage of potential tuition cost up to a certain sum (depending on the host country).

It is not possible to receive both Erasmus or PROMOS and HAW.internatioal!

Deadlines for applying (subject to changes, please inform yourself on the DAAD website):

  • 10/31/2023 for scholarship start date between March and June 2024.
    (selection date January 2024)
  • 28.02.2024 for scholarships starting between July and October 2024
    (selection date May 2024)
  • 01.07.2024 for scholarships starting between November 2024 and February 2025
    (selection date September 2024)
  • 31.10.2024 for scholarships starting between March and June 2025
    (selection date January 2025)

Application and selection will take place through the DAAD. 

ASA Scholarship

Commitment in Germany and worldwide for all, that is the goal of the ASA program and its scholarship.

The scholarship includes the following benefits:

  • Living and accommodation expenses
  • Travel allowance
  • Assumption of costs for health, liability and accident insurance for the stay abroad

The application and selection process is carried out by Engagement Global.

Contact and further information on the scholarship can be found on their website.

"Chancen.Digital" Scholarships for digital master studies abroad - DAAD

This program offers in particular people who cannot or do not want to participate in physical international mobility for health or family reasons the opportunity to pursue a master's degree in a fully digital or blended learning program from Germany at a university abroad and to gain international study experience. You can pursue your individual study interests and develop both professionally and personally.

The scholarship includes the following benefits:

  • A monthly scholarship payment of €812 for full-time study and €406 for part-time study
  • Conclusion of an accident and personal liability insurance policy
  • In addition, other benefits may be granted upon request

Duration of sponsorship:

The scholarship is valid for one or two academic years (max. 24 months), depending on the duration of the study program. In the case of part-time studies, the respective funding period is extended to double.

Application deadlines:

The regional application deadlines correspond to those of the Master's Study Abroad program.

Further information on the program and application requirements can be found here.

Scholarship program for studying in China

The scholarship program for studying in China, funded by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes and the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-foundation is open to students of all subjects (except those majoring in Sinology and artistic degrees) who are substantially interested in the People's Republic of China. Students will spend one year in China continuing their studies as well as learning the language. It offers the opportunity to develop deep knowledge of the chinese language and society, as well as the academic and scientific culture in China.

The financial support during the stay abroad includes 

  • a monthly allowance to cover cost of living (1.000 €)
  • part of the travel cost (a total of 1.420 €)
  • a total of 1.000 € to prepare for the stay abroad
  • a total of 1.000 € for mobility during the stay abroad
  • a monthly stipend to cover study costs (300 €)

Additionally, the participation in the program includes an intensive language preparation in Germany through two language courses, each three weeks long, which will be conducted by the University of Trier. With the acceptance into the program you will also become a member of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. After your return from China, the recipients of the scholarship will be continue to be funded by the foundation.

No new applications are possible in the current year 2023.

Further information about the program and the selection criteria can be found here

Scholarship program "Metropolises in Eastern Europe"

The Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes will again be awarding full scholarships for study visits to Eastern Europe in 2023, funded by the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation. 

The scholarship program "Metropolises in Eastern Europe" offers individual research and study stays as well as practical semesters in combination with language courses and internships.

The scholarship program "Metropolises in Eastern Europe" enables individual research and study stays as well as practical semesters in combination with language courses and internships. Unusual projects away from established academic paths are welcome. Stays in the countries of Eastern, Central Eastern and Southeastern Europe or the post-Soviet region lasting at least seven months and no longer than four semesters are sponsored.

Scholarship recipients of the Metropolitan Program can receive funds for living expenses, tuition fees, and travel expenses. In addition, the scholarship opens up the opportunity to participate in intensive language courses and exchange with other grantees and alumni of the program.

The offer is also open to students who are not yet Studienstiftung scholars. Students who have had little or no previous contact with Eastern European countries can also apply. The scholarship is open to students of all subjects - except art, design, music and film. After returning from Eastern Europe, program participants will continue to receive support from the Studienstiftung until they graduate.

Weitere Informationen zum Programm, zu den Bewerbungsmodalitäten sowie Interviews mit Ehemaligen des Programms finden Sie unter:

Fulbright scholarships

The scholarships are intended to deepen specialized studies in the context of a 4- to 9-month full-time study program at accredited U.S. institutions of higher education in the U.S. at the graduate study level.

Students who plan a year abroad in the USA in the academic year 2025-26 as a 'graduate student' can apply for a Fulbright scholarship. Scholarship recipients will be funded with up to 34.500$ and will become part of the Fulbright network.

The application phase for the 2024-25 academic year is closed. The call for applications for the 2025-26 academic year will begin in spring 2024.

Fulbright travel scholarships

For the American academic year 2023/24, the Fulbright Commission will again announce travel grants to study at a partner university in the USA: The next call for travel grants  to study at a partner university in the U.S. will be December 2022 through February 2023 for the American academic year 2023-2024. The current application guidelines, application forms, and deadlines can be found deposited here.

The scholarship benefits include 2000 euros, participation in the preparation and networking meeting of German and American Fulbright scholarship holders, the supervision of the scholarship holder, and admission to the network of scholarship holders and alumni*ae of Fulbright Germany.

For all further information, please visit:

Scholarships for world-class US universities

Would you like to complete your master's degree or a research stay at a world-class American university? Then apply to the ERP and McCloy programs. With both programs, the German National Academic Foundation supports study and research stays at top U.S. universities. 

The goal of both programs is to strengthen transatlantic understanding and to support and connect highly qualified young professionals who aspire to work in the public sector.

While the McCloy Program supports master's projects at Harvard Kennedy School, the ERP Fellowship Program supports one- to two-year study and research projects at top U.S. universities U.S.

Both programs are open to graduate students of all disciplines. In addition to living and travel expenses, the programs can cover tuition costs of more nearly $120,000 (McCloy) and up to $50,000 (ERP).

Admission to the programs is also accompanied by admission to the German National Academic Foundation.

You have questions about the programs? Then take advantage of the ZOOM consultation hours with current scholarship holders of the programs. You can find the dates and more program information here:


Contact person: Dr. Lars Peters (l.petersstudienstiftungde

Scholarships for Freemovers at universities who are not a partner university of FH Münster

Even after Brexit, the option of studying abroad in the UK is still open to you. There are a number of universities that offer special scholarships and grants to financially support international students from the EU.


Check out the website of your university of choice to find out all the details.


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