Do you fancy a semester abroad? Then you probably have many questions about organization and financing. At first glance, this can be a challenge - but a doable one! In order for the planning of the semester abroad to work out stress-free, you should inform yourself as early as possible.
After all: Spending time abroad as part of your studies offers many opportunities. You can grow personally, for example, by getting to know other cultures, finding your way around in a foreign country and improving your language skills. You can also develop academically and discover new ways of looking at your field of study.

Where should you go? The world is your oyster! As a so-called 'free mover' (i.e. at a university without a cooperation agreement with the FH Münster), you have the opportunity to spend a semester at a university abroad in a self-organized way. For more information, please contact the International Office of the university of your choice.
Or you can decide to spend a semester abroad at a partner university of the FH Münster! The FH Münster has numerous contacts to universities all over the world. In order to find out which partner university is suitable for you, please use our database. Cooperations with universities in other European countries are usually organized through the Erasmus+ program; there are also cooperations with non-European universities.

Partner universities

The majority of collaborations at the FH Münster take place at the department level. In order to receive results that are a perfect fit for you, you should therefore specify in the database in which department you are studying.

For each partner university in the database, you will be shown a contact person. For more information, please contact the respective responsible person at FH Münster. How the application for a semester abroad proceeds and what deadlines there are may vary from department to department and also depending on the destination country.

There are, in addition to the departmental cooperations, also some interdepartmental cooperations that are interesting for students of several departments. Please make sure whether your field of study is offered at the respective university and whether the seminar program meets your expectations. For detailed information on the interdepartmental cooperations at the FH Münster (also on exchange places, application deadlines and application procedure), please visit:

Get inspired!

Students of the FH Münster share their experiences after their return. You can find these testimonials from your fellow students here: (You must be logged in with your FH ID to view the reports.)

About the semester abroad

You know at which partner university you would like to spend your semester abroad? Inform yourself as well about these topics:

Funding and scholarships (e.g. Erasmus+, PROMOS)

A semester abroad is not necessarily expensive. Travel, accommodation, food, insurance, possibly costs for a visa and vaccinations - these are costs that should not be forgotten. But: There are many possibilities to get financial support for a semester abroad. Here you can find information about the Erasmus+ program and the PROMOS scholarship as well as other financing options.

Language proficiency and (intercultural) preparation for a semester abroad

Inform yourself at an early stage which language skills are necessary for your planned stay. If necessary, you can use the time to improve your language proficiency before your stay abroad.
For example, take a language course!
You can also join our language tandem "Meet2Speak".
Additionally, we offer intercultural training workshops and the informational event 'Basics for studying abroad' via PLUSPUNKT.

Visa, insurance, vaccination and security

Don't forget: Take care of your visa and the necessary insurances in time! Find out whether you need certain vaccinations and what the security situation in the destination country looks like.


If you are staying in Germany with a residence permit, please inform yourself before your semester abroad at the Foreigners' Registration Office about legal regulations for long-term stays abroad.

Recognition of courses

Before the start of your semester abroad, contact the examination board of your department at Münster UAS to clarify which course credits from the semester abroad can be recognized at Münster UAS.

State which courses you are taking and how they are recognized toward your degree in a Learning Agreement. If courses or course contents change during your semester abroad, consult with your examination board. After your return, you will receive a transcript of records from the host university. Thereafter, take care of the recognition of your courses.

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