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Material synthesis

  • Freeze-drying device (Christ)
  • Spray-drying device (Buechi)
  • High-temperature furnace (up to 1800 °C, Nabertherm)
  • Cold isostatic press (up to 360 MPa, PO Weber)
  • Electro-hydraulic cold uniaxial press (up to 1000 MPa, PO Weber)
  • High vacuum apparatuses up to 10-7 mbar (i.a. Ilmvac)
  • Hydrothermal syntheses, high pressure syntheses (autoclaves up to 400 °C, 500 bar, Parr, Roth)
  • Thermal high vacuum evapuration device (Pfeiffer)
  • Glovebox (Saffron)
  • Spincoater (Convac)
  • Photochemical irradiation apparatuses, submersible lamps (Heraeus)
  • Ball mills, grinding and polishing device
  • Thermal material treatment, synthesis up to 1800 °C
  • Rotary evapurator, conductometer, coulombmeter, pH-meter, drying ovens, centrifuges, ozoniser, ...


Material characterisation: Optical properties

  • UV-VIS spectroscopy 190-1100 nm (Ocean Optics)
  • Reflection-, excitation-, and emission spectroscopy VUV-NIR (120-1100 nm, Acton, Edinburgh Instr., Shimadzu)
  • Decay time measurement up to approx. 10 µs (Edinburgh Instr.)
  • Light sources (Xe-lamps up to 450 W, UV lamps 254, 312, 366 nm, deuterium up to 20 W)
  • diode laser 808 nm, 980 nm
  • Photodegradation (Mueller Optik, Acton MM1 CCD, Nikon-Optik)
  • FTIR spectroscopy (Perkin-Elmer)
  • Microscopy with video recording (polarisation, incident light, transmitted light, Olympus, Nikon)

    Material characterisation: Material- and structural properties

  • X-ray generator with powder diffractometer
  • Calorimetry (Polytec)
  • Particle size analytics 0.6 nm - mm (dynamic light scattering and laser diffraction, Malvern, Cilas, sieve analysis)
  • Microscopy with video recording (polarisation, incident light, transmitted light, Olympus, Nikon)
  • DTA and thermogravimetry (Netzsch)
  • Mercury porosimetry (Pascal Instr.)
  • Thickness measurement (Tencor Instr.)
  • C,S-analyser (Eltra)

    Laser development

  • 5 vibration damped optical tables
  • Spectral photometer PerkinElmer Lambda 1050 with numerous accessories
  • Optical spectrum analyzer HP 70950 A
  • Electrical spectrum analyzer HP, up to 22 GHz,  various modules
  • Manual ball-wedge wirebonder, West Bond 5700 series
  • Monochromator from Jobin Yvon
  • Diode laser drivers
  • Oscilloscopes from LeCroy and Tektronix
  • Spatial light modulator from Holoeye Photonics AG
  • Faraday rotator from Linos, 500 - 1000 nm
  • Lasers: Nd:YAG 1064 nm, Nd:YVO4 1064 nm, MISER, HeNe, diode lasers

    Characterisation of optical and photovoltaic systems

    • Optical time domain reflectometer, Wavetek MTS-5200, Monomode- and multimode operation, wavelengths 850, 1300, 1550 nm
    • Splicing device, Ericsson FSU-925 RTC, multimode- and monomode fibres, typical splice attenuation < 0.1 dB
    • Optical spectrum analyser, HP-70951A, wavelength range 600 - 1700 nm, resolution 0.1 nm
    • Spectrometer Ocean Optics, wavelength range 400 - 1100 nm
    • 3-axis-micromanipulator, Melles Griot, resolution 0.1 µm
    • Various laser diode drivers
    • Various optical powermeters
    • Peak power measurement device, PV-Engineering PVPM-1000C for the characterisation of solar modules and complete solar strings
    • Parameter analyzer Agilent 4155B for the low-noise recording of current-/voltage curves of solar cells in all 4 quadrants
    • Outdoor reference solar cell RS-OD-3 of the Fraunhofer ISE-Institute
    • Solar module simulators from PV-Engineering
    • Solar module flasher (class AAA) to measure the power of solar modules under standard test conditions (STC)
    • Optical triangualtion sensors
    • Measuring systems from National Instruments


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