9 November 2018 | Münster

The celebration's audience of Münster School of Business.

On November 9th the official Graduation Ceremony of Münster School of Business took place. Some 1.000 guests from families and companies attended the lively and solemn gala. 236 Graduates received their final certificates.

The S2BMRC was multi honourably mentioned during the celebration.

  1. One Bachelor graduation and two PhD completions of S2BMRC staff members have been celebrated during the ceremony:

2. The Dean also presented the three new positions the S2BMRC has successfully acquired in the NRW program for Junior Professorships.

  • Junior professor in Science-to-Society - Engagement, Innovation & CoCreation:
    Dr Kerstin Kurzhals,
  • Junior professor in Innovation and Technology Management:
    Dr Lina Marcela Landinez Gomez
  • Junior professor in Entrepreneurship and International Business Development:
    Dr Sue Rossano Rivero
Three Junior Professorships have been approved

3. Professor Thomas Baaken was one out of two Professors (besides Professor Olaf Arlinghaus) from Münster School of Business who have been mentioned publicly by the students in their graduation movie as the students most favourite lecturer.

4. The Creation.Lab was initiated, created and established as a space and platform for creativity by the S2BMRC. The Design Thinking room is incorporating creative features to be flexible and stimulate productive, inventive thoughts. It was explicitly mentioned as a new teaching and learning environment in the Dean's opening speech.

The Co.Creation.Lab of S2BMRC
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