In recent years, creativity has increasingly been on the agenda of scientists, experts and political decision-makers. It is the prerequisite for change, for alternative ideas and solutions, for innovation. The European Commission's "EntreComp" report, published in 2016, makes the further development of entrepreneurial skills and competencies an important political goal and prominently highlights creativity as one of a total of 15 relevant key competencies.

The development of one's own creativity is necessary to meet existing and new challenges of our society. It should therefore be the task of every educational institution to promote these competences in a targeted manner.

At S2BMRC, we have developed a 3-ECTS course that satisfies these needs. Although having been developed in the business context, it is constructed as a holistic approach and can be used by other faculties, too. Our proposed methods and tools are not context specific and can be chosen in accordance with the circumstances of the situation and the needs of the project. Our aim is the development of the creative potential among all students and share our course teaching resources with the wider community.

The main features

  • Design Thinking - The course is based on the Design Thinking approach.
  • Digital - It can be taught digitally from start to finish due to online resources.
  • Theory-based - The set of theoretical lecture slides is provided.
  • Expert-based - During the development of the course, a range of creativity and innovation experts have been interviewed to give their insights concerning optimal teaching practices.
  • Practical - A complete board game with more than 30 creativity and innovation tools for challenge-based teaching.
  • Gamified - The course follows a holistic concept of gamification elements based on the idea "Welcome to the journey!"
  • Flexible & adaptable - The course can be adapted according to the specific context of the course application.

Meet the course creators

We wish you a lot of fun with the course resources!
Judith, Neele, Eva, and Carolina

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